By Susan Hodara

New guidelines for international adoptions


For international adoptions Couples considering international adoption now have one less hurdle to overcome, thanks to a bill recently passed by the House of Representatives to reverse a potentially dangerous regulation requiring internationally adopted children to be immunized abroad. The bill was proposed by Jerrold Nadler (D, N.Y.), who explains: "Infants and children receiving vaccinations abroad are often subject to questionable medical attention. There is no medical reason that children should not be allowed to wait until they enter the country to receive vaccinations."

For international adoptions Children vaccinated overseas may be at risk for a number of sub-standard practices, including out-of-date or improperly stored vaccines administered in non-sterile conditions by doctors who are not required to follow the same pediatric guidelines as we do here. Nadler says that when the bill, which was passed unanimously by the House and has been endorsed by numerous adoption organizations, becomes law, it will ensure that these children receive safe and effective vaccinations administered by a health care provider their parents have chosen ? a boon for all involved. ?