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Recalls - bike helmets, Sky Dancers, toys in cereals


Here are the latest recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). (For complete reports, go to Parents are urged to take all products away from children immediately and to discard or return to the manufacturers according to the following: Two manufacturers of bicycle helmets are voluntarily recalling products as a preventive measure. These are helmets that have failed impact testing and labeling required under CPSC's Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets, violating the Consumer Product Safety Act. Riders wearing these helmets are not adequately protected from falls, and could suffer severe head injuries or death. •Cycle Express is recalling 9,000 girls' helmets - pink mixed with silver glitter. The pink portion of the helmet is bordered by purple tape. Decals read"Hearts & Flowers". These helmets are size small, for ages 2-5. A label inside the helmet reads"DISTRIBUTED BY: CYCLE EXPRESS". The helmets, with a bike bag-purse combo and hair accessories, were sold at Toys R Us, from October 1999 through April 2000, for about $13. Consumers can return the helmet to the store where purchased. They will receive a $7 refund, (the assessed value of the helmet, minus accessories). For more information, call Cycle Express toll-free at (877) 714-6117, 9am-5pm weekdays, or write to Cycle Express Inc., 312 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10001. •Rand International is recalling 70,000 helmets, various models of their L.A. Cruisin' line. The helmets were sold in various sizes: child (blue or pink), youth and adult (white or black). A label inside the helmet reads,"Manufactured by Rand International", and"MADE IN CHINA". They were sold at Kmart and Rose's stores nationwide, from April 1999 through March 2000, for about $8. Consumers can return the helmet to Rand for a free replacement. For more information, call (800) 338-7677, 9am- 5pm weekdays, or write to Rand International, Attention: Customer Service Dept., 51 Executive Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 14735-4718. •Jetmax International is voluntarily recalling for repair 48,000 children's rocking chairs sold at Target stores nationwide, November 1999-March 2000. The rear legs of the chair can separate from the rocker's base causing it to collapse. There have been five reports of these chairs collapsing and children falling. One 13-month-old girl suffered a laceration requiring 18 stitches. The chairs sold for around $20, and came in a boy's rocker with a yellow wooden frame, red chair base and a blue canvas seat. The girl's rocker has a white wooden frame, purple chair base and a pink canvas seat. The chairs are designed for children between 30 and 100 pounds. Parents should immediately stop using these rockers, and contact Jetmax International to get a free repair kit with easy installation instructions. Call (800) 880-0714, 9am-5pm weekdays. •Vtech Industries is recalling 34,000"Little Smart Soft Songs Baby Phones" because of a ball-shaped antenna which can detach, presenting a choking hazard to young children. There have been nine reports of detaching plastic balls, with one child reportedly starting to choke. The cordless baby phone has a mirror, four colorful talking musical buttons, a ringing light-up phone button and a red on/off button. The phone is yellow with a blue padded border and a yellow ball-shaped antenna. A label reads"Soft Songs Baby Phone 39100." They were sold nationwide at Wal-mart stores, January-March 2000, for about $10. Parents should call VTech at (800) 521-2010, 10am-6pm, weekdays. • Galoob Toys is recalling 8.9 million Sky Dancers flying dolls - the hard plastic dolls can fly rapidly in unpredictable directions. Galoob has received 170 reports of the dolls striking children and adults, resulting in 150 reports of injuries. They include eye injuries, including scratched corneas and incidents of temporary blindness, broken teeth, a mild concussion, a broken rib, and facial lacerations that required stitches. The recalled dolls were sold in many different styles, including Pretty Lights Sky Dancers, Mini-Sky Dancers and Fairy Flyers. Their launchers were sold in many shapes, including dolphins, flowers, moon, ponies, and sun and rainbow. Children should stop using these flying dolls immediately and parents should call Galoob for instructions on how to return the toy sets to receive a product of equal value. Call(877)598-5599 anytime, or go to the company's website at • Today's Kids is recalling 103,000 spinning ride toys. The center column can break, causing a child to suddenly fall backward or be hit in the face by the broken column. The company has received 1,427 reports of the toys' columns breaking off, resulting in five injuries which have included bumps on heads, cut faces and split lips. Two children required stitches. The Music & Lights Kidaround Spinner is a purple turntable with a green column through the middle, which is topped by a yellow steering wheel. The child sits on the turntable and spins around by turning on the steering wheel. The toy plays five songs and lights flash while the child is spinning. The toy's packaging indicates it is intended for children 11/2 to 5 years old. A sticker on the center of the steering wheel reads,"today's kids(R)." Toy and discount department stores nationwide sold these spinning ride toys from July 1999 through May 2000 for about $20. They should be taken away from children immediately, and parents should contact the company for instructions on how to get a free, replacement spinning toy. Call (800) 916-TOYS, 9am-6om weekdays. • Whitehall-Robins Healthcare is voluntarily recalling 475,000 teething rings. When bent, these teething rings can fit into an infant's mouth and trigger a gagging reflex - posing a risk of vomiting, which could result in choking and aspiration. There have been two reports of children gagging on the teething rings, including one report of a child starting to choke. These teethers were sold with .25 oz. tubes of Baby Anbesol Grape Gel oral anesthetic. The teethers are yellow and shaped like rabbits. Two holes are molded into the teething ring for infants to grasp. The packaging reads,"THE BABY'S TEETHING KIT", and"FAST TEETHING PAIN RELIEF". Mass merchandise, drug and grocery stores nationwide sold Baby Anbesol with these teethers from May 1999 through June 2000 for about $6. Take these teething rings away from infants immediately,and contact Whitehall-Robins Healthcare for information on returning the teething ring and to receive a free Anbesol product. Call(800) 525-2607, 9am-5pm weekdays, or go to the company's website: • Kellogg's is recalling 837,000 toy cars packed inside some of their cereal boxes - the tires can detach from the wheels of these cars, posing a choking hazard for young children. Kellogg has received two reports of the tires detaching; no injuries have been reported. These Nascar Pull'N Go Hot Wheels style toy cars are red and yellow with a white hood. Pulling the car backwards a few inches on a surface causes it to go forward."Kellogg's TM" is written on the hood, and the number"5TM" and"Terry LabonteTM" is written on the roof. They came in specially marked packages of Kellogg's Tri-Fun-PakTM (40-oz. box); Froot Loops (; Mini-Wheats Frosted Bite Size (58.8-oz. box); and Crispix (31.4-oz. box). The cars were distributed inside boxes of these cereals from March through June of this year. Parents should send the cars to Kellogg to get a free replacement item and reimbursement for postage: Kellogg Company, P.O. Box 185654, Battle Creek MI. 49018-5654. For more information, call Kellogg's at (800) 962-0037 anytime, or go to their website: New standards for window guards Announcing new safety standards for window guards that will help protect children from window falls, the CPSC urges parents to ensure that guards are strong enough to prevent falls and that those for single family homes and the lower floors of apartment buildings can be opened easily for escape in the event of a fire. A dozen children 10 years old and younger die each year, and more than 4,000 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for window fall-related injuries. There have been 120 window-fall related deaths to children since 1990. Most of the deaths and injuries are to children under the age of five. Consumers can now also purchase window stops which can be added to the window frame to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches. Some new windows come with window stops already installed. Parents should look for guards that have bars no more than 4 inches apart. The CPSC recommends calling the following companies for more information about purchasing window guards: John Sterling Corporation, (800) 367-5726 LL Building Products, (800) 755-9392 Automatic Specialties. (800) 445-2370 Window guards cost $10-$30 and are adjustable for different-sized windows. Window stops, available at hardware stores, cost about $2. How to report a problem: To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call CPSC's hotline at (800) 638-2772. CPSC's website can also be accessed at Consumers can report product hazards to