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The finger, the door, and the shield

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A child's scream from another room raises the hair on the neck of any parent. To protect young fingers and hands from one of the most common of all childhood household accidents — getting caught in the hinge side of the door — parents (and grandparents) can now hook up The Shield Finger Guard.

According to recent statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 115,000 hand, finger, and wrist injuries involving doors are treated yearly in hospital emergency rooms. Of that number, nearly 45,000 involve children under the age of 14. Developed by American Guardian, The Shield is a one-piece construction requiring no tools for installation; the device attaches with a pre-applied, double-sided foam tape, enabling the door to continue to open and close freely. The Shield is available in two versions: a removable version for homes, and a permanent bond for schools, daycare centers, hotels, and public buildings. For more information, go to or call (800) 555-0666, ext. 333.