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Update: A New Grant for the Hi-Tech Classroom

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Editor’s note: In a recent issue, we reported that new teacher-parent links were in the works and would soon be available to public school systems. One such home-to-school collaboration tool recently initiated its own grant program.

In an effort to enhance online links between parents and teachers, the Docutek e-learning collaboration and communications company has launched a new competitive grant program for public school systems. Called “Enhancing Teaching and Learning with the Web” grants, recipients of the two-year award receive a customized version of the popular Web-based school information sharing system, Docuteck atSchool. The system encourages easy-to-build classroom websites where all relevant information — such as assignments, resources, grades, schedules, and notices — can be posted. Both parents and students can log on to the websites from home to get updated information. Student discussion groups can easily be organized and parents can email and talk “live” with a teacher. The deadline for submission of grant proposals is July 17. To find out more about the grants and for an application, visit