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Things to Do With Kids in Westchester on October 1

October 1, 2015   |    

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free and low-cost things to do with kids in Westchester Find free and low-cost things to do with kids in Westchester today, October 1, including fun activities and events the whole family can enjoy. See what's going on today in Westchester's museums, galleries, and libraries for some educational fun; in the parks, for outdoor and nature activities; and in the theaters, for children's concerts and performances. Plus, get details and directions on any street fairs or holiday festivals happening October 1. For even more free and low-cost upcoming events in Westchester, check out our complete calendar of events.

Get Into It! Free - Stepping Stones Museum
October 01, 2015 - Norwalk

Celebrate Back to School with Norwalk ACTS – The museum stays open late with free admission. Learn about local organizations and enjoy storytimes, activities and giveaways.

Free Week - Steffi Nossen School of Dance
Through October 03, 2015 - White Plains

Experience the Joy of Dance during our Free Week of Dance Open House Sept. 28 – October 3, 2015. We invite you to try unlimited age and level appropriate classes. Take this opportunity to experiment with a new technique or rediscover an old favorite. The Steffi Nossen School of Dance holds classes in White Plains and Chappaqua. It offers a program of Core Classes in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop for children 3 years old through teens and a full complement of level-based technique classes in Modern, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary and Jazz. Moving Wheels and Heels, an adaptive class for dancers with physical, developmental, and emotional disabilities, will hold its own open house on Sept.21. New this year is Boy’s Movement geared for 4th-7th grade boys. Try any of these classes available Monday through Saturday at our studios at the Music Conservatory of Westchester on Central Ave, White Plains - across the street from the Westchester County Center, and on Mondays at The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin on South Greeley Ave. in Chappaqua. For additional information, please visit us at or call us at 914-328-1900 for class descriptions and schedules, faculty bios, or to reserve your spot.

Sukkah for Sukkot - Maritime Aquarium
Through October 04, 2015 - Norwalk

Jewish guests visiting The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk during the Festival of Sukkot will have a sukkah to accommodate their celebration. The Aquarium is erecting a sukkah, a traditional dwelling in which Jewish visitors can dine, for the seven-day autumn celebration. The Maritime Aquarium has worked with Rabbi Levi Stone of the Schneerson Center for Jewish Life in Westport to properly erect its sukkah, which will be outside the seal exhibit on the riverfront courtyard.

Alice: 150 Years of Wonderland - The Morgan Library & Museum
Through October 11, 2015 - Murray Hill

This exhibition uncover the curious history of Alice In Wonderland, presenting an engaging account of the genesis, publication, and enduring appeal of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. For the first time in three decades, the original manuscript will travel from the British Library in London to New York, where it will be joined by original drawings and letters, rare editions, vintage photographs, and fascinating objects; many never before exhibited. Find out why the universe of Wonderland took hold of our imagination, and—150 years later—we are still following her down the rabbit hole.

Five Self Taught Artists - Katonah Museum of Art
Through October 11, 2015 - Katonah

Inside the Outside consists of a focused look at five important self-taught artists.

We Have Common Thread - Neuberger Museum
Through October 11, 2015 - Purchase

This powerful exhibits features six tapestries that highlight artist Teresa Margolles' long exploration of the socio-political issues that are related to violent deaths in Mexico.

Dig! Plant! Grow! - New York Botanical Gardens
Through October 12, 2015 - Bronx

The Three Sisters: Corn, beans, squash. For hundreds of years, the three sisters have been favorite crops to grow together. Learn more and make your own corn husk doll.

Frida' Kahlo's Fall Harvest - New York Botanical Gardens
Through October 12, 2015 - Bronx

Frida-inspired activities. Hands-on activities include pumpkins and gourds of all sizes and shapes. Grind dried corn wusing a traditional Mexican instrument. Tuesdays through Fridays, 1:30 pm-5:30pm. Sat. and Sun, and Mon. 10am-5:30pm

Fondue and a Show - The Melting Pot of White Plains
Through October 31, 2015 - White Plains

Fondue dining allows everyone to enjoy good conversation, eat slowly, and savor each, it's fun! Every Saturday in October from 12-4pm, enjoy a three course meal (cheese fondue, salad, and chocolate fondue) for $30, including a complimentary ticket to a movie at the City Center Cinema. (Tickets are not valid for full value of IMAX, 3D, or director's hall showings, but may be used towards the purchase of one of those showings.) Add on an entree for $12.95 per person. Visit for details.

Arc Theater Company - Arc Theater
Through October 31, 2015 - Hawthorne

Arc Theater offers a full theater arts program for persons with developmental disabilities. Instruction available in dancing, singing, speaking, acting, and more. Call 914-495-4521 for more information, or email

Poetry for Every Season - NY Botanical Gardens
Through November 01, 2015 - Bronx

The poems of Noble Prize Winner, Octavio Paz are displayed. Many of these poems reference the native plants and flowers.

Camera, Action: Mexican Films - NY Botanical Gardens
Through November 01, 2015 - Bronx

Weekends at 3pm at the NY Botanical Gardens mean a chance to experience Mexican films, including Frida Kahlo on the big screen. Check listings at to see which films are scheduled.

ReDress: Upcycled Style by Nancy Judd - Stamford Museum and Nature Center
Through November 01, 2015 - Stamford

Trash is a part of our throw-away culture. Internationally-known artist and environmental advocate Nancy Judd thinks there is a better way. She will transform the Stamford Museum Galleries into a "Recycled Runway"© where 18 of her unique "trashion" garments created from upcycled and repurposed materials will be exhibited. Learn about the process of constructing couture fashion sculptures from original materials such as aluminum cans, bicycle tire inner tubes, and dry cleaner bags. The Stamford Museum & Nature Center is proud to present "ReDress" as an inspiration to artfully promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. Visit the exhibition and be motivated to make a difference!

TIME WARP (Ages 6 – 9) Session 1 - Clay Art Center
Through November 01, 2015 - Port Chester

Travel through the eons during this incredible clay adventure. Create your own ceramic time machine and transport yourself to see ferocious dinosaurs, majestic pyramids, the Wild West and ancient Greece. During your journey create your own clay souvenirs as you develop an understanding of history, heritage and culture.

5th Annual Chappaqua Farmers Market - Chappaqua Train Station
Through November 21, 2015 - Chappaqua

5th Annual Opening Day on May 16 will feature new and returning signature vendors, children's events by Westchester Circus Camps, music by house-band Milton, and book signing by Hudson Valley photographer and writer Francesco Mastalia. Also debuting monthly Flea Market! Shake the hand that feeds you at Chappaqua Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:30a.m. - 1p.m.

Kids Short Story Connection - Greenburgh Town Hall
Through November 21, 2015 - White Plains (Greenburgh)

A series of six, round-table type, guided workshops for youngsters who love to write. Age and peer-appropriate sessions with published authors/teachers.

Born to Be Wild - Maritime Aquarium - IMAX Theater
Through November 25, 2015 - Norwalk

Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman lends his voice to this film which follows orphaned baby orangutans and elephants, and the people who rescue and raise them for eventual release back into the wild. Through May 21, 2015.

Great White Shark - Maritime Aquarium - IMAX
Through November 25, 2015 - Norwalk

No other modern animal may command both fear and fascination as much as the great white shark ? but The Maritime Aquarium's new IMAX?film suggests, instead, that these predators mainly need help and respect. This film unravels the mystery of the creature by telling the true story of its role atop the oceanic food chain. "Our mission is to change people's attitudes toward the great white," said Steve McNicholas, co-director of the film. "It's not the menacing, evil predator it's made out to be. It's simply performing its crucial role at the top of the ocean's food chain. Great whites are not monsters any more than the polar bears or lions that we revere." The 40-minute film takes viewers around the world to great-white hotspots and examines the animals through the eyes of several people whose lives and work have become inextricably linked to the great white, including shark expert Michael Rutzen, who openly scuba dives among them. September 2-November 26.

IMAX film: Flight of the Butterflies - IMAX Theater, Maritime Aquarium
Through November 25, 2015 - Norwalk

Follow the incredible year-long migration cycle of millions of monarch butterflies from Canada, across the U.S. and into Mexico, in this compelling film.

Show Boat - Westchester Broadway Theater
Through November 29, 2015 - Elmsford

With music by Jerome Kern, Show Boat follows the lives, loves, and losses of riverboat performers, on the mighty Mississippi. Excellent for ages 8 and older.

Adapted Tennis Fun - New Rochelle Racquet Club
Through December 20, 2015 - New Rochelle

Fun For Cure, Inc. is hosting an ongoing Adapted Tennis FUN program for children with special needs and chronic illness. Families are invited to participate as well! All ages! Join at any time by calling Flo at 914 713 4065 or sign up online at ...... FREE snacks are provided according to diet needs and restrictions... We focus on FUN as a top priority! Parents may stay or drop off! Come every Friday at 3:30 to 4:30pm...

Toy Boat-Making Workshop - Maritime Aquarium
Through December 31, 2015 - Norwalk

Visit the toy boat-making area on weekends for a fun 20-minute boat-building project. Build and decorate a toy sailboat to take home as a special keepsake of your visit. Saturdays and Sundays year-round.

Africa: From the Desert to the Sea - Maritime Aquarium
Through December 31, 2015 - Norwalk

Explore the aquatic wonders of Africa, including amazing fish from the Nile River, the lakes of Africa's Great Rift Valley and the Red Sea. Species highlighted include exotic air-breathing lungfish that can survive for a year if their waterhole goes dry, and colorful cichlids and coral reef species that shine in shimmering rainbows.

Chocolate Factory Tour and Workshop - Chocolate Works
Through December 31, 2015 - Scarsdale

Come stop by for a tour of the factory and get the opportunity to see first-hand how chocolate is made and maybe make some yourself! Come see chocolatiers in action, making lots of sweet treats with the help of a 175-pound melting machine. Be sure to try a sample of the signature Belgian truffle, multiple time "best truffle" winner at the annual international Chocolate Show in New York City, along with a wide variety of other unique flavors of chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered treats and candies, and homemade specialty ice cream. Dream of a world made of chocolate? In our store all your sweetest fantasies become a reality with products ranging from chocolate-covered pretzels, oreos, rice krispies, and graham crackers, to chocolate-covered chips, gummy bears, strawberries, bananas, and more.

The Berenstain Bears LIVE! - Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (MMAC)
Through December 31, 2015 - Upper West Side

Adapted from the children’s book series by Stan and Jan Berenstain, this popular show is great for pre-schoolers. Kids will fall in love with these characters, just as their parents did when they were growing up.

LIFE AT THE LIMITS: STORIES OF AMAZING SPECIES - The American Museum of Natural History
Through January 03, 2016 - Upper West Side

AMNH's new exhibition highlights the incredible life forms on earth and the superpowers that organisms use to survive the most extreme environments. From bacterium (Deinococcus radiodurans) that repairs its own DNA and withstands over 1,000 times more radiation than humans to elephant seals that can hold their breath for two hours as they dive nearly a mile deep in search of food, many animals, plants, and other organisms on our planet have extraordinary ways of going about the daily business of survival. Co-curated by Mark Siddall, curator in the Museum's Division of Invertebrate Zoology, and John Sparks, curator in the Museum's Department of Ichthyology, reveals some of the more incredible examples of how animals and plants reproduce, find food, sense the world around them, and thrive in inhospitable habitats. Life-size and larger-than-life models, live animals, videos, and interactive exhibits highlight a variety of 'superpowers' across the tree of life. From surprising strategies for surviving harsh environments to bizarre mating calls, inventive techniques for eluding predators, and extreme examples of parasitism.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition - Discovery Times Square
Through January 03, 2016 - Midtown

Thrill your mini Katniss fans with a visit to this brand new exhibit, celebrating all things Hunger Games. Here they can explore the world of Panem and get up close to hundreds of movie costumes, props and detailed set recreations. Follow Katniss’ journey from District 12 to becoming the Mockingjay, see The Tribute Train, visit Cinna’s studio and see the Girl on Fire Dress, sit down for a TV interview with Caesar Flickerman and try your hands at stunt and knot skills.

Dragons: Real or Myth - Maritime Aquarium
Through February 11, 2016 - Norwalk

Dragons are very real but none of them breathe fire. While they're often a creature in mythological tales, you can find dragons living today--on land and in the sea as you'll discover in this fun new exhibit which features animals that have the word dragon in their names. Visitors encounter such species as: dragon moray eels; the seahorse cousin called the weedy sea dragon; and terrestrial lizards like black dragons, flying dragons, sailfin dragons, bearded dragons, frilled dragons and more. In addition to highlighting the unique characteristics of these animals, the exhibit will explore the facts and fiction of mythological dragons and their roles in cultures throughout time. Visitors will be encouraged to find similarities between the displayed live creatures and the dragons of lore. February 14, 2015 -Feb 11, 2016.

Our Place Memory Cafe - North Street Tavern & Wood Fired Pizza
Through April 26, 2016 - White Plains

Our Place Memory Café will kick off on Tuesday, August 4 at North Street Tavern & Wood Fired Pizza, 1128 North Street, White Plains from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will continue on the first Tuesday of every month through April (except for November, which will occur on the first Wednesday due to Election Day). Called Our Place Memory Café, the program will provide a haven for seniors suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory loss, as well as their family members and caregivers. Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided in a support group atmosphere. Space is limited at all Memory Café programs and registration is necessary. To register, please call Helwig, Henderson,LaMagna & Spinola L.L.P at (914)437-5955.

The Butterfly Conservatory - American Museum of Natural History
Through May 30, 2016 - Upper West Side

The annual treat returns to the AMNH. One of the museum's most popular, annual events this exhibit features up to 500 live, iridescent, tropical butterflies from the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The butterflies are housed in a vivarium that approximates their lush, natural habitat. See them flutter around live flowering plants that serve as nectar sources, thanks to controlled artificial light, temperature, and humidity. Featured species include iridescent blue morpho butterflies, striking scarlet swallowtails, and large owl butterflies.

Marine Tank Animal Feeding - Bruce Museum
Through June 30, 2016 - Greenwich

Learn about the marine life in Long Island Sound while the fish, crabs and shellfish in the tanks are fed. No reservation required.

Pump It Up's Sensory Friendly Bounce Time - Pump It Up of Norwalk
Through January 01, 2018 - Norwalk

The music is low, and the lights aren't flashing. Just bouncing, jumping and sliding.

These events have already taken place. Click Here for the Latest Calendar of Events

Find fun things to do today with kids in the NYC area in our Calendar of Events

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