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Heijoshin Dojo Offers New 'Little Ninjas' Classes and Three-Class Trials

Heijoshin Dojo Offers New 'Little Ninjas' Classes and Three-Class Trials

Heijoshin Dojo in Bay Shore is splitting its Little Ninjas course into two classes for different age groups to better accommodate young learners' developing abilities. Starting mid-October, this Suffolk Martial Arts School will separate classes for 4-year-olds, and 5-6-year-olds. 

Additionally, Heijoshin Dojo is now offering a three-class trial with a uniform included for $19.99 to give families a chance to see if martial arts classes are right for them. The trial is offered for the two Little Ninjas classes, the two youth classes for ages 7-10 and 11-14, and the adult classes for students ages 15 and older. Adult classes include Self Defense and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

"Our school is a family environment. It’s not just for the elite athlete,” says Sensei Robert Perez, owner and chief instructor of Heijoshin Dojo. “We have kids with special needs that have physical and emotional challenges. We have an 86-year old that just started class this spring. Everybody gets to participate in our school. We don’t compete specifically so nobody feels like ‘oh I’m not gonna be able to win a trophy.’ We want the students at our school to understand that we want them to grow and develop as great people.”

According to Perez, at Heijoshin Dojo, the instructors address different age groups at their level and challenge them both physically and mentally to ensure that they are developing the skills to think on their feet and troubleshoot situations. 

"That's all done in the classroom through the challenges of calisthenics and different martial arts drills," says Perez. "Once we get past the kicking nad puching, it is a huge character development program."

Heijoshin Dojo is now accepting new students. Call 631-206-3656 to enrill or visit at 271 W. Main St., Bayshore. For more information visit the Heijoshin Dojo website.

Image Courtesy Heijoshin Dojo 

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