Classes & Fun Programs for Kids With Special Needs on Long Island

Classes & Fun Programs for Kids With Special Needs on Long Island

Classes & Fun  

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UPDATED August 2017: After-school activities, classes, and other fun programs for kids with special needs and learning differences on Long Island.

Special Needs Classes & Fun

556 North Country Road, St. James
310 Main St.


TJE’s Hearts of Gold program provides dance for the developmentally and physically handicapped. Your child will overcome their limitations and reach their dance potential. They will feel excitement, gain confidence and poise that dance gives to all of our students. We are striving to be a leader in the world of special needs dance by concentrating on their successes. This nine-month program meets for one hour each week. Your child will perform at the Patchogue Theater in June. We look forward to your child discovering their greatest potential while enjoying the love of dance!

630 New York Ave., Huntington

Customized classes are designed to give unique artists a positive experience. Our art educators work with parents or therapists to create a special program that suits the individual's or group’s needs. They will have the opportunity to paint, sculpt, draw, or craft in a nurturing and friendly environment. Process vs. product will be emphasized while exploring the different mediums. In the past 22 years we have been fortunate to teach the highly creative and enthusiastic individual in a private or group setting.