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FunBites Food Cutter Set Makes Fun Halloween Shapes

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Mom-invented FunBites makes it easy to cut healthy foods into fun shapes, which you can then arrange to look like animals—see the bats pictured below—that will inspire even the pickiest child to eat some healthy snacks this Halloween.


FunBites creates bits-sized peices of food.

FunBites creates bits-sized peices of food.


Want to create the spook-a-licious snacks pictured here? All you need is your imagination, a few healthy ingredients, and one of each FunBites shape set ($12.99 each or $22 for pair)

Transform whole wheat bread and cheese into a ghost peeking out a window; shape pumpernickel bread into bats; and make an English muffin mummy pizza with sweet ghostly sides that's sure to be a smash lunch hit with the kids.

FunBites cuts fruit, veggies, pitas, pancakes, grilled cheese, and more into fun, bite-sized portions even more effectively than cookie cutters, and give you a creative way to entice kids to chomp. Available in Cube It!, a cube-shaped cutter, and Luv It!, a cutter that creates a large heart out of 10 geometric shapes, including two smaller hearts. Each set includes a cutter with curved blades that quickly cut food into small bites and a matching popper top makes for foolproof execution—the top pushes the pieces out of the cutter, which keeps hands clean and food untouched.

Mom-invented to encourage healthy eating year-round, BPA-free FunBites are dishwasher-safe, too. Cook up some goulish fare and share your original, healthy Halloween creations with us on Facebook!