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The Best of the Rest of the Web: Nannies for All, Raising a Bicultural Child, and Reviewing Text Messages


From our redesigned January 2013 issue, a selection of thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, and just plain interesting facts and quotes from the web and the world of parenting.a selection of thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, and just plain interesting facts and quotes from the web and the world of parenting.

"This morning [my son] woke up a bit early and came into the bathroom with a book that had Cinderella on the back. In his cute morning voice and not so awake eyes he asked, ‘Mommy, she’s a princess?’ to which I answered, not really paying attention, ‘Yeah, that’s Cinderella.’ ‘Cinderella’s a princess? Just like you, Mommy!’ "

—Brooklyn single mom Candace (@NYStateofMoM) in a blog post entitled “Feeling Like a Million”…which is how we’d feel, too, if our little guy gave us an unexpected princess moment; discover her urban mom tales at

Dan Gets a Minivan“I used to think nannies were for privileged career couples who enjoyed the convenience of outsourcing their offspring. Then my wife’s maternity leave ended.”


—Dan Zevin (@DanZevin), in "Dan Gets a Minivan" (Scribner), in which he hilariously explores moving his family from Brooklyn to the suburbs of NYC, where he now lives with his wife, two kids, and pet rabbit; read this book, share this book—but make sure you get it back so you can reread a few pages whenever you need relief from the daily family grind (or just a knowing smile)

“[Moms] ‘need time’ to ‘arrange time’ in order to ‘have time’ for peaceful-living.”

—SAHM Esti, a girl from the Midwest who moved to Westchester via Jerusalem, on her blog Primetime Parenting

"I ask myself, ‘What if our family’s Chinese heritage ends with me because I’m unable to pass it down to the next generation?’ It’s something that weighs more heavily on my mind as my daughter grows older."

—Maria Wen Adcock (@BiculturalMama), a first-generation Chinese-American mother who lives on Long Island with her “All-American” husband and their daughter, in a guest post for the fast-growing site

70 Percent
of parents whose teen uses a cell phone have reviewed their teens’ text messages and 79 percent have reviewed their teens’ browser history. Fewer than half of teens who report close parental monitoring say they are bothered by their parents’ knowledge of their online or mobile activities.

—from recently released research by the Family Online Safety Institute exploring the online generation gap between parents and teens; read the complete findings at

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