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Recalls: Baby Bjorn infant carriers, nursing pillow, electric scooters


Here are the latest recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). (For complete reports, go to Parents are urged to take all products away from children immediately and to discard or return to the manufacturers according to the following: Baby Björn Infant Carriers: Regal Lager is recalling 49,000 Baby Björn Baby Carrier Actives. The back support buckle can detach from the shoulder straps, posing a fall hazard to the baby. The firm has received 93 reports of detachments, but no injuries have been reported. The recalled carriers were sold under the brand name "Baby Björn", which is printed on the front of the carriers and on the black molded plastic back support buckle. Model number 1-260 is printed on the care label on the strap of the carrier. The carriers are made of a cotton polyester blend fabric in black with red piping and blue with white piping. "Baby Carrier Active" is written on the packaging and above the warning label on the carrier. These were sold at specialty retail stores, catalogs and Internet sites from September 2003-August 15, 2004 for about $120. Consumers should stop using the carrier immediately and contact Regal Lager for instructions on returning the carriers for repair. Call (877) 962-8400, or visit Big V Maternity and Nursing Pillows: Theraline is recalling 1,000 Big V Maternity and Nursing Pillows. If infants are placed on these pillows and left unattended, there is a risk of suffocation. (Infant pillows and cushions are banned under the Federal law. Infant pillows have a flexible fabric covering, are loosely filled with plastic beads, are easily flattened, intended for use by infants under one year old, and are capable of conforming to the body or face of an infant). No incidents or injuries have been reported. The pillows have a blue or peach-colored print fabric showing yellow moons, hearts and stars, or tan and blue teddy bears. The log-shaped pillows measure about 5 feet in length. "THERALINE", "THE BIG V" and "Finest Micropearl Filling" are written on a fabric tag sewn on the pillow. Specialty stores sold the pillows from June 2003-May 2004 for about $60. Consumers should stop using these pillows immediately and contact the firm for information on receiving a refund. Call (866) 843-7254. A picture of the recalled product can be found on CPSC's website at Billows Nursing Pillows: Boston Billows is recalling 8,000 Boston Billows Nursing Pillows, for the same reasons as mentioned above. The "C"-shaped pillows are about 36 inches long, 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep. There is a 100 percent cotton hypoallergenic cover of various colors and prints over a white pillow. The outer cover is removable. The whole pillow is washable. The fabric tag on the pillow reads, "Boston Billows, Inc." These were sold at hospitals and independent specialty stores from February 2000-December 2003, for $34-$38. Consumers should stop using these pillows immediately and contact the firm for information on receiving a refund. Call (877) 274-4606 A picture of the recalled product can be found on CPSC's website at Regal Lager Stroller Attachments: Regal Lager Inc is recalling 11, 500 Lascal "Buggy Board" stroller attachments. The Buggy Board's red connecting pins can break, causing the board to partially detach from the stroller or carriage, posing a fall hazard to the user. Regal has received two such reports, resulting in falls to children. One minor injury was reported. The Lascal "Buggy Board" is a wheeled board that attaches to a stroller or baby carriage, allowing an older child to stand on the board and ride behind the stroller between the arms of a parent or caregiver. The product comes in black, blue, red and techno styles, and has the words "Buggy Board" printed on the top center of the board, with the name "Lascal" molded into the plastic on the bottom center of the board. (Buggy Boards with orange connecting pins are not included in the recall). They were sold through specialty retail stores, catalogs and online from January 2003-July 2004 for about $88. The manufacturer is providing free repair kits to consumers consisting of orange replacement pins for these Buggy Boards. Call Regal at (877) 242-5676, or log onto A picture of the recalled product, can be found on CPSC's website at Leoch Electric Scooters: Target is recalling 74, 811 Leoch Electric Scooters (also known as "Red Dragon" and "E-Scooter"). Improper wiring can cause a short circuit, posing a fire hazard. In addition, inadequate insulation may expose electrical wiring, which poses a shock hazard. Target has received two reports of the scooters catching fire. There have been 13 reports of scooters starting and/or moving on their own. One person reported receiving scratches as a result. There have also been five reports of property damage, including two reports of the scooters causing house fires. The recall involves Leoch-brand scooters that were also sold under the names "E-Scooter" and "Red Dragon". The scooters have a seat, two wheels and footrests on each side. A sticker on the left footrest reads, "E-Scooter". On the right footrest is a sticker with a horse-head image. A serial number is printed underneath the left footrest. The affected scooter's model number is DK24250-3. These were sold at Target stores nationwide from February 2003-June 2004 for about $200. Consumers should stop using the scooters immediately and return them to any Target store for a full refund. Call Target toll-free at (800) 440-0680, or visit SlideCarver Scooters: BMW of North America is recalling 161 SlideCarver Scooters. The front column of the scooter does not meet impact resistance standards; the handlebar column can break if the scooter hits an object, which can cause the rider to fall and suffer injuries. BMW has received one report of a scooter front column breaking, causing a rider to fall and suffer minor injuries. The SlideCarver is a three-wheeled scooter which is designed to be steered both in the front and back. The steering design allows riders to shift weight and change direction while maintaining control. It has twin-disc brakes, and wide tires equipped with wear indicators. The SlideCarver stands 39.5 inches high by 20 inches wide, has a 26.5-inch wheelbase, weighs approximately 26.5 pounds, and can be folded. "BMW" and "SlideCarver" are written on the underside of the rider platform of these scooters. These were sold at BMW dealerships and on the firm's website from December 2003-July 2004 for about $700. Consumers should return the SlideCarver scooters to any BMW dealership or contact the firm for information on returning the scooter to receive a refund. Additionally, consumers will receive a $200 gift certificate for BMW lifestyle merchandise. For more information, contact BMW at (800) 831-1117. Hasbro Monster Rockets: Hasbro is recalling 230,000 Super Soaker Monster Rockets. The cap on the water tank can unexpectedly and forcibly project off when it is quickly unscrewed from the tank, posing a risk of impact injuries to users or bystanders. In addition, the rocket's tail can strike a user or bystander on descent, if the rocket is not fully launched, posing a risk of injury. Hasbro has received four reports of the cap being unexpectedly projected off the rocket, resulting in three injuries, including a slight concussion and a cut requiring stitches. Additionally, Hasbro has received four reports of children being struck by the descending rocket, including three cuts that required stitches. The Super Soaker Monster Rocket is composed of a 7-foot inflatable mylar rocket with a plastic and foam fin section. The rocket has a blue and orange launch base with a water pressure tank attached to one leg of the base. The tank, which has an orange cap, is connected to the pump mechanism, which launches the rocket using pressurized air and water. The water toy has the words "Monster Rocket" printed on the body of the rocket. These were sold at Toys 'R' Us, Wal-Mart, Target, KB Toys stores and other toy retailers nationwide from January-August 2004 for about $30. Consumers should stop using the rockets immediately and contact Hasbro to receive a replacement product of equal value. Consumers should contact Hasbro toll-free at (866) 487-4737 or log onto How to report a problem: To report a dangerous product or product-related injury, call CPSC’s hotline at (800) 638-2772. CPSC’s website can also be accessed at Consumers can report product hazards to