By Richard Stile

Collect and Trade Pins with Friends to Show Your Olympic Spirit

  |  Summer Activities  

Do you want to show Team USA your support but can't make it to the 2012 Olympic Games in person? Collecting the official pins and trading them with friends is a great way for kids and their families to be involved in the Olympics this summer.

2012 Team USA London Olympic PinPin trading has been going on since 1924 in Paris, when athletes and officials swapped colorful pins as a form of friendship between nations. By 1988 pin trading was said to be the top spectator sport at the Olympic games. This year, the pins are decorated with all different photos and themes, including the Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, sporting events, and black taxis and tea to mark London’s distinct culture. 

Usually pins are traded at formal gatherings at the Olympic host city, but with the pins now accessible at, it’s a fun way for kids in the U.S. to not only collect, but also trade the pins with their friends. Viewing parties are another great way to get friends and family together to watch some of your favorite Olympic events and to trade pins. Kids can watch their favorite events during the games, and then trade or purchase the specific pin to display their support. The pins will act as a reminder of the games for years to come, or can serve as an excuse to get together with family and watch the games. Happy trading!