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Dawn M. Roode

Dawn M. Roode

Dawn M. Roode was formerly editorial director of NYMetroParents, where she launched the award-winning semi-annual magazine Special Parent. She was managing editor at Parenting, BabyTalk, Child, Harper's Bazaar, and Latina magazines. She is a strategic content specialist and currently writes and edits parenting, health, travel, and special needs features for various media outlets. Roode is mom to one son and recently relocated from Brooklyn to the suburbs of New York City. Follow her on Twitter @DawnRoode.

Email: editor@nymetroparents.com

Dawn M. Roode Articles (62)

Is Your Kid Lego Obsessed? No Worries!

While the little bricks hurt when you step on them barefoot, the are a beneficial toy for your kids to build with, both for educational and entertainment purposes. Are your kids obsessed with this STEM activity? Immerse them in building at Legoland's new hotel in Florida.

Jul. 31, 2015

Full STEAM Ahead! Science, Math & Art Programs for Kids Abound in NY Area

We've rounded up a bunch of STEM (nay, STEAM!) programs for kids in the NYC area, including classes and camps with a science and math bent, fun family outings that immerse kids in STEM concepts, and some expert advice for parents thrown in for good measure.

Apr. 23, 2015

5 Tips for Visiting Sesame Place in Bucks County, PA

Looking for a fun weekend trip for your family that brings your children's favorite TV characters to life? Here are our top five tips to getting the most out of your trip to Sesame Place in Bucks County, PA.

Apr. 01, 2015

10 Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World

Planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World? We've got the top 10 tips for traveling with your family to Disney from a parent who's been.

Mar. 23, 2015

Modern Rules for Responding to Party Invites

When it comes to attending parties, most guests forget to respond to invites in a timely manner, or even at all. Here are six modern RSVP rules for invitation etiquette, and three things for hosts to remember.

Mar. 23, 2015

Teachers Offer Plea to NYC Parents: ‘Help Us Fight Cuomo’s Plans’

Many parents and teachers are angered by proposed changes to the way teacher evaluations are performed, giving even more weight to standardized test scores and less to the input of school principals. Protests are planned for next week, and parents can help spread the word.

Mar. 05, 2015

NYMP Q&A: How Parents Can Find the Job of Their Dreams

Prominent brand strategist Richard Lewis says that to find the job of your dreams, it all boils down to smart marketing. His thoughts on parents, connections, and shedding your SAHM skin.

Jun. 26, 2014

If We Could Only Bottle Our Kids' Joy!

Ever wonder how to truly capture your kids' raw emotion and energy in pictures? A Brooklyn mom who's wielded a camera since childhood shares her secrets.

Aug. 01, 2013

Love Is Love—and Love Is Taught by Example

My own mother set a tone of acceptance in our home. It was not something she preached to me and my brother, nor do I ever recall any specific conversations on the topic. She simply lived her life treating everyone the same.

Jun. 06, 2013

Bragging Rights: Yours, Mine, Every Parent's

Every parent brags a little bit, whether through Facebook posts or in conversation on the school pickup line (it's our prerogative!). But remember—not every cause for family celebration is worth sharing.

May. 29, 2013

Reading Is Fun(damental)

Reading to our kids is great on every level—they learn and are entertained, we get to do a restful activity with them (next best thing to sleep), and best of all, reading to kids—done right—is way fun.

Mar. 17, 2013

Four Local Women Reflect on Their Relationships with Their Mothers

In an interview with the authors of "Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance with Our Mothers," four women explore their relationships with their mothers, their relationships with their own children, and the lessons they learned.

Feb. 25, 2013

Meet the Authors of 'Still Here Thinking of You'

Four Westchester women, Joan Potter, Vicki Addesso, Susan Hodara, and Lori Toppel, wrote a book about their relationships with their mothers. The result: "Still Here Thinking of You," a personal, thought-provoking examination of the true nature of mother-daughter relationships.

Feb. 25, 2013

At the Intersection of Make-Believe & 'Making It Work'

A toddler's bond with his ailing great-grandmother becomes fodder for imaginary play, and his mom realizes that levity is quite okay, even—perhaps more-so—because of a recent trip to the hospital.

Feb. 03, 2013

When Priorities Shift

Jan. 24, 2013

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