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Tales of the Fish God
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - March 19, 2008

We've had many wonderful family vacations, but one destination gets our recurring #1 vote: Hawaii.

Should Your Child Get A Flu Shot?
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - November 01, 2007

If your child is under age 5, he or she should definitely get a flu shot. And you probably should, too.

Kids, Cute and Creative
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - October 10, 2007

If you've suspected that the illustrations in today's children's books could hold their own with any other museum-quality media, the Katonah Museum of Art proves it with their exhibition, "Children Should Be Seen: The Image of the Child in American Picture-Book Art", on view through October 21.

Thanks for Sharing?
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - May 17, 2007

Why do I cringe when I hear the term ‘wet nurse’?

Coconuts & Canoes: A Week in Paradise
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - February 21, 2007

Got a week and some visions of palm trees? The Caribbean may be closer, but Hawaii is our idea of the perfect family vacation destination.

New Children’s Hospital to Open at Maimonides
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - January 31, 2007

On any given day, Dr. Michael Marcus communicates with parents and young patients in up to six or seven different languages.

Naples for Families: A Wealth of Wonderment
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - December 28, 2006

What can get overlooked in the glitz of Naples, Florida, is the fact that this city on the Gulf is a great place for a family vacation, mainly because of all you can do on the water.

Carly Simon Rocks the Cradle
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - November 14, 2006

Carly Simon is about to release her latest — a lullaby album. This doesn’t mean, however, that Carly has become a grandmother or that she feels she needs an image change.

The Next Course
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - November 08, 2006

Ronni Soled’s New Mothers Luncheons has merged with Laura Deutsch’s Baby Bites NYC, to cover the waterfront with four luncheons a week at baby-friendly restaurants throughout the city.

Slaves of New York
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - November 06, 2006

New-York Historical Society concludes its groundbreaking series on slavery in New York with New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War, which opens on November 17 and runs through September 2007.

Up on Stage (parents, too!)
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - October 30, 2006

For every mom or dad who sits in the wings watching their child shine in the spotlight, Kim Breden’s Be Mused Productions offers a unique opportunity.

Pennsylvania Lights
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - November 21, 2006

Plan your visit to Longwood Gardens for after nightfall, when you can walk among the outdoor gardens lit by 420,000 colorful lights blooming in trees and flowerbeds.

Where to: Find New York Area Museums
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - October 03, 2006

Every museum -- for kids and others -- you thought you knew about and many more can be found in a new guide book.

Is Your Family Prepared for a Terrorist Attack?
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - September 27, 2006

During the recent anniversaries of 9/11 and Katrina, we heard much posturing along the lines of, “But are we ready for the next one?” Partisan politics aside, local authorities are prepared now as never before. But what about you and your family?

On the Riviera — Mayan Style
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - August 25, 2006

Cancun may be a choice destination for Spring Breakers, and singles, but there’s a resort area a 45-minute drive south along the Yucatan Peninsula that is growing fast, and offers much for family vacations — the Riviera Maya.

In & Out : An Art Exhibit
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - August 25, 2006

An exhibit titled 'Into Me/Out of Me' and encompassing artistic views of the concepts of passing into, through, and out of the human body, should naturally include the theme of childbirth.

by Helen Rosengren Freedman - July 12, 2006

Bonnie Blair becomes mom-advisor

From tragedy grows advocacy: A mom fights to change an industry
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - June 20, 2006

It’s a sadly common scenario. A parent loses a child in tragic circumstances, then channels her grief into becoming a champion for remedying the cause that took her child’s life.

Smile for the Birdy!
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - May 31, 2006

Eighteen- and 19th-century Americans of the upper classes mimicked their British and European counterparts when it came to status. At a certain point, a portrait was commissioned and the family gathered to pose for posterity.

The best in arts & culture - Welcome Back, Mr. Morgan!
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - May 31, 2006

If you hadn’t heard that The Morgan Library has re-opened, you’ve probably noticed the crowds lining up to get in. It’s well worth the queue. What a facelift! The light and glass walls are now as illuminating as its magnificent manuscripts.

Interview: Marlee Matlin gives a bedtime talk
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - May 31, 2006

Never one to shirk a challenge, Marlee Matlin became an actress despite her disability - a difficult enough accomplishment as a deaf woman - and then went on to win an Oscar. Nor has being deaf stopped her from becoming a mom - she has four children under 11 - and she continues to work as an actress and an advocate for children. She helped found the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and is now involved in the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, and with the American Red Cross.

Top Billing - One-Ring Wonderment
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - May 31, 2006

Just when you thought you’d broken the kids of all those bad habits, along comes Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Corteo.

Glimpse into a Golden Era
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - March 31, 2006

The Dahesh Museum of Art’s current exhibit — Stories to Tell: Masterworks from the Kelly Collection of American Illustration — could be subtitled, “The Good Old Days”.

Outings: Welcome to Wonderland!
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - March 31, 2006

We haven’t asked them, but we’d wager that if sisters Haley and Lauren Fox were to choose their favorite TV commercial, it would be the one for Splenda, where butterflies alight on cakestands, and ladies in parasols twirl in a shower of sparkling crystals.

From bathtub to (several) boardrooms: The Mom Behind Mothers Work
by Helen Rosengren Freedman - March 09, 2006

If you were to look at the predictors of success in the work achievements of Rebecca Matthias, you’d see the obvious markers.

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