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   Belle Arti Center for the Arts, LLC
108-10 72nd Ave.
Forest Hills, NY

From Carnegie Hall to Forest Hills, the place to be for music!

Looking for the best music curriculum catered to your child's individual needs?

Want to give your child access to a wide variety of classes offered?

At Belle Arti, your child will flourish in the environment of a prestigious school of the arts.

What are some of the benefits of studying music?
♪ Develop motor skills, memory, coordination
♪ Gain knowledge of fine arts and culture
♪ Nurture talent, creativity, imagination, self-expression
♪ Accelerate children into gifted and talented programs
♪ Prepare students for auditions and college applications
♪ Learn good presentation and poise
♪ Conquer anxiety, stage fright, diffidence
♪ Build confidence, maturity, emotional intelligence

What are the benefits of studying music in a school?
♪ A structured learning environment reinforces a disciplined and productive education
♪ Promotes a healthy competition between students to excel and succeed
♪ Foster work ethic, discipline, team work

Why you should choose Belle Arti!
♪ The finest music education in the area
♪ Distinguished music professionals who love kids and have extensive experience teaching them
♪ Five-star service and convenient scheduling
♪ Innovative curriculum designed to fit the needs of your individual child
♪ Exceptional, comprehensive music instruction
♪ Recitals and performance opportunities in beautiful venues
♪ Association with the Queens Symphony Orchestra


Students of all ages, levels and backgrounds welcome!

Private lessons
Piano, violin, cello, guitar, voice, woodwinds, composition and music theory
Semi-private classes (2 children per class)
Piano, violin, cello and guitar
Group classes (5 children per class)
Piano, violin, cello, and guitar
Music theory class (5 children per class)
Children learn harmony, sight-singing and dictation with solfege
Receive ear training and rhythm training
Musical Aurora® (5 children per class)
Unique music program for children (Ages 2-5)
For more information visit
Baby Musical Aurora® (5 children per class)
Unique music program for children (Ages 1-2)
For more information visit
Rock/ Pop Band
Fun ensemble for kids to explore pop music
Children learn to sing and perform together as an ensemble
Chamber music
For advanced students interested in group collaboration

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