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   Westport Family Counseling
250 Post Road E., Suite 106
Westport, CT

Westport Family Counseling is a group practice with a team of therapists in downtown Westport.  We work with individuals, couples and families of all ages.  Westport Family Counseling treats a variety of issues including life transitions, depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, stress management, parenting challenges, OCD, ADHD, Spectrum Disorders, trauma, and postpartum depression.  We work from a Psychodynamic perspective while also using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy with some clients.  We now offer a variety of groups and free workshops for the community.

-We offer an Adolescent Support Group to prepare teens with the skills, knowledge and self-awareness to help them navigate adolescence.  The goal is to build resiliency and work to gain a sense of competency and empowerment through support and connecting with others.  Group is held Tuesday afternoons.

-We offer a six-week Parenting Group to help address common discipline issues such as power struggles, oppositional and aggressive behaviors, and sibling rivalry.  Participants will learn how to more effectively set limits, choose appropriate consequences for misbehavior, use "time outs," and have more positive and joyful interactions with their children.  Groups are held Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Friday mornings at 11am.

-We offer an 8-week Postpartum Adjustment Group to learn new coping strategies to combat exhaustion, stress and worry, strengthen relationships with your partner, family and friends, develop strategies for re-balancing your home and work lives, and connect with other moms who understand and share your experiences.  Groups will be held Tuesdays at 12:30pm, Babies are welcome.

-We offer Free Workshops for Parents on Nutrition and Healthy Eating with the goal of helping parents to explore their relationship with food and how it may impact their children.  

Westport Family Counseling

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