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A child’s speech and language skills are extremely important for learning, literacy, socialization and school success. Treatment groups increase the social use of language, build vocabulary, and peer interactions. One hour group sessions are formed according to age and development level. 

Social Butterflies -  Fridays 4:30p to 5:30p  
A socialization group for children ages 2 to 6. Focuses on building social skills, peer interactions, and the social use of language. This group includes: story time, pretend play, yoga, and socialization activities.

Learning, Listening & Literacy -  Day & time to be determined. 
A skill building group for children ages 5 to 11. Focuses on building listening skills, auditory processing, reading comprehension, narrative development, inferencing, and skills for literacy. Written and verbal language skills are targeted.

Kings & Queens of Drama: Day & time to be determined.
Class will be targeted for all ages and skill levels. This summer class will involve developing communication skills through use of drama, learning about character development and performing a play for all the families at the end of summer. Developing communication, memory and socializations skills will be targeted, while learning about characters, settings, and performance skills.

Mealtime Magic - Day & time to be determined. 
A feeding group for children of all ages. Focuses on building feeding skills for children who have feeding and /or swallowing difficulties. This group is beneficial for children who experience food aversions or sensitivities. Building a tolerance for food textures, temperatures or tastes will be emphasized. The group will build a foundation for positive experiences with a variety of food textures and tastes.

Music Buddies
Sing, dance, move, and play musical instruments with your friends! Class conducted by certified music therapist Christina Briton Conroy MA, CMT, LCAT. One hour group musical classes provided on Saturdays.

Benefits of Group 
Treatment Sessions
*Group sessions are provided within a group of 2 to 5 children. Each session is provided for 60 minutes. Children are grouped according to their age and developmental level. Treatment groups can be beneficial for children who need extra support to socialize, interact with their peers, and practice using language in different environments.

Group Treatment Rates
60 minutes $90*
*10% discount when signing up for multiple classes.

Now accepting new individual cases for the summer and fall semester. Our staff is highly experienced and above all, caring and nurturing. Chatty Child Speech Therapy specializes in PROMPT, feeding, articulation, & language development. At Chatty Child we make learning fun! 

Private pay with coded invoices for insurance reimbursement, RSA through the DOE, & EI.

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