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   Southfield Center for Development
85 Old Kings Highway N.
Darien, CT

The Southfield Center is a family-centered, interdisciplinary practice dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services for children and teens across a wide range of challenges. We offer a warm, inviting environment with a team of more than 30 skilled practitioners trained to provide an integrated approach to learning, emotional, and behavioral issues.


-- The Southfield Center offers comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as a range of other specialized assessments. Southfield’s assessment team is led by Dr. Christopher Bogart, who coordinates an interdisciplinary team of practitioners certified to select, administer, and interpret a variety of neuropsychological, psychological, educational, and developmental assessment instruments. Our experienced clinical team performs in-depth evaluations to pinpoint your child’s challenges and personal strengths and write reports that are informative, actionable, and timely.  Southfield’s staff is also available to attend school meetings with you or speak with your school’s education team.  We can then create a clear and actionable plan.


-- We tap into our wide range of therapeutic and learning services and design a customized plan that addresses your child’s specific needs.  With a wide array of therapists, The Southfield Center can provide the exact therapies that your child needs. Our goal is to look at the whole child—as an individual, as a student, and as a family member.


-- Equipped with the proper tools and a supportive network, your child gains confidence to succeed in school, at home, and with friends.  Our psychotherapists, therapists, and learning specialists build on each client’s strengths to help children and families tackle life challenges and to increase their resilience, which, in turn, allows them to feel stronger and more confident.

All under one roof – By having all our therapists in a single location, children and teens can receive the specific help they need, as well as benefit from collaboration among every specialist on their team. One location means eliminating stress from traveling to multiple offices for varied services. Plus, you are assured that all clinicians on the treatment team communicate frequently about your child’s latest developments.

Integrated solutions to your child’s learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges for success at school, at home, and in social settings.

The Southfield Center for Development specializes in:

  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Developmental Disabilities
  • Behavioral Problems of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Depression
  • Executive Functions Difficulties, including Poor Organization and Time Management Skills
  • Motor and Sensory Processing Issues
  • Learning Disabilities / Academic Challenges
  • Marital and Family Difficulties
  • Nutritional Concerns
  • Social Thinking and Social Skills Challenges
  • Speech and Language Delays
  • Substance Abuse
  • Working Memory Deficits

The Southfield Center for Development

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