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   Peak Performance
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Westchester & Connecticut

Unlike most swim camps, Peak Performance Swim Camp offers camps, clinics, and Private Swim Coaching year-round - fall, winter and spring, in addition to our traditional summer swimming camps. Please see our 2012 schedule on our website:

In order for a swimmer to realize their full swimming potential they must be mentally, technically and physically fit. Contrary to popular belief, physical fitness by itself is not enough. A swimmer must also possess a high degree of mental and technical fitness.

At Peak Performance we pride ourselves in offering a balance between physical, technical and mental training. Referring to the chart below Peak 1offers a 75/25 blend of physical and technical conditioning while Peak 2 offers a 50/50 blend of physical and technical conditioning. In addition, this camp offers an in-depth mental conditioning curriculum designed to enhance a swimmer's self-esteem, develop focus skills and improve the ability to perform in stressful situations.

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