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HealthSav LLC™ is an American Heart Association Training Center serving Rockland County, Westchester County, Orange & Putnam Counties, New York City with many Manhattan clients as well as many throughout New Jersey and Long Island. We can assure that your business and individual health and safety needs will be current and compliant.  CPR Courses, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens and the best pricing on AED's (defibrillators) and AED management services. If you are not sure which CPR course is best for you then please link to our website for course Descriptions and Rates call or email us. 

HealthSav HealthSav

CPR Training for all Levels of CPR Certifications for individuals and groups at your location or ours and First Aid Training.


*Safety Consulting                                                    *Group Classes
*AED Sales & Management                                        *Classes held Daily
*CPR & First Aid Compliance                                      *Work Place Safety
*Health Code Compliance                                          *Pet First Aid
*ACLS                                                                       *Infant CPR

Classes held daily at our facility in New City, NY 7 days a week or at a location
of your choosing with groups of 6 or more.

Learn CPR and join the millions who are certified in the practice of helping to save
someone stricken with the #1 killer of all diseases, Sudden Cartiac Arrest.

If CPR is not started early on after cardiac arrest, irreversible brain damage will occur
within 3-4 minutes, death within 10 minutes. Bystander CPR is the only solution to extending the life
of the stricken victim. It must begin immediately.   

Bystanders are covered under the Good Samaritan Laws and should feel perfectly safe about assisting a victim in need. CPR classes teach you how to be safe while assisting others.

HealthSav, LLC™ is also equipped to handle your training at your location. A pre survey will be
conducted to properly prepare the environment for your training session. Plan a CPR course
for friends, family, and neighbors in your home or place of business.  

ALL CPR classes also teach the proper techniques to use if a choking situation occurs and trains
everyone in the uses of the latest models of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

We can make sure that your personnel are trained for emergencies and that your workplace is compliant with up to date Health Department codes.

Teachers in schools better serve their students when they are capable of taking care of emergency medical situations that can occur, HealthSav, LLC™ offers special group rates for large
Institutions such as school districts to help ensure the safety of all students and faculty.  We can
consult with you on what is best for your situations whether it be for resuscitation kits, AED’s
or first aid equipment.




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