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   Mini Monet, Inc. -- Beth Bodenmiller (Founder)
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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Mini Monet Art Studio is that each child will not only be exposed to creative thinking but also be provided with an age appropriate art education. A complete art program allows every student to increase positive attitudes towards self and others while having a better understanding of the world. Our Mini Monets will connect visual knowledge through creative expression by utilizing various materials while learning about color, shapes, textures and different techniques. Art can be connected to every school's curriculum and while embracing that theory, students will be provided with a rich, varied encompassing art education while learning in a creative, fun and age appropriate manner. They will learn to accept different cultures as they learn about art history through creative expression. Our goal is for every student to have a true appreciation of the arts and become life long learners.

It is our goal at Mini Monet to encourage each child as they explore their own inner artist. An art studio environment is an integral part of their creative process as each child will have the opportunity to become more confident and independent artists. We want these Mini Monets to embrace their individual style and trust their creative instincts.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

Mini Monet Birthday Parties

Allow us to sit with your child as we customize their party for their birthday or any special occasion. Typically, artists have strong ideas on how they envision the world! Birthday parties are no exception.

Allow your child to rent the studio for 1 and ½ hours as we guide them through the ultimate creative experience.

The best parties are customized parties. All parties include art supplies, complimentary T-Shirt for the birthday child, pizza, paper goods and juice.

Balloons and other goodies can be supplied for an extra charge.

All parties are based on 10 kids.

All Add on’s such as balloon artists, decorations and expansive menu are available upon request.

Other ideas for custom birthday parties are the following: princess, fairy, fashion design, batiking, printmaking, just to name a few…

Mini Monet does not stop at birthday parties, we have parties for every occasion!

Birthday Packages

Ceramic Package: Let your birthday child and guests choose from a variety of ceramics to paint and customize as their own. The birthday child will leave with an original t-shirt and optional face painting. Cost - $375.00 for 10 children. ( $18.00 for an additional child).

Tie Dye T-Shirts Package: The birthday child and their guests will create their own tye dye shirts. The birthday child will walk away with a custom painting from his/her guests. Cost- $375.00 for 10 children. ($18.00 for an additional child).

Canvas Water Color Party : The birthday child and their guests will choose a print or picture and transfer the image to a canvas. Using water color paint they will complete their own masterpiece! Cost $390.00 ($19.00 for additional child)

Cosmetic Creation Package – Have the Birthday girl and her guests create their own scent for perfume and lip gloss. Each child will create a beautiful cosmetic purse to keep their own perfume and lip gloss in for safekeeping. Cost $440.00 ($20.00 for additional child).

Tea Party Package : The Birthday child and guests will create a beautiful ornate hat with silk flowers and trim. They will wear their perfect tea party hats to have a Tea Party! Cost - $440.00 ($20.00 for additional child).

Skateboard Package: This package is for all the skateboard lovers! Create your own skateboard using various paints, striping techniques. The birthday child and their guests will leave with a custom skateboard . Cost - $465.00 ($22.00 for an additional child). Total of 2 hours.

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