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Jill Cohen, CT.Bereavement Counseling
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After the loss of a loved one, children grieve. They do it in their own way, so it may not be as apparent. Kids need their own space to feel their loss. They may be uncomfortable or afraid to feel sad in front of others. They may feel different in school, among their peers who haven?t had a loss. They need to know that they are ?not alone? and have a place to put their emotions. Special activities focus on memories, coping skills, and missing the loved one. Chatting about the different kinds of feelings ? sad, angry, worried, lonely, scared ? gives kids a chance to express what?s on their mind. Children are often the ?forgotten mourners?, and need their own age-appropriate counseling. I can give a child that chance to heal after losing a loved one ..with my own style of warmth and care.

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