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   Ethical Culture Society of Westchester
7 Saxon Woods Rd
White Plains, NY


Our Location
The Ethical Culture Society of Westchester Nursery School is easily accessible from the surrounding towns and villages in the Westchester community with our convenient location on
7 Saxon Wood Road in White Plains NY. The Ethical Culture Society of Westchester Nursery School thrives in a country- like setting which combines a creative and nurturing environment with brightly furnished classrooms and an indoor play space equipped with bikes, climbing structure, slides and balls. In addition, the school has an exceptionally well-equipped playground and our own garden.

We provide a program that is comprehensive and developmentally appropriate for both the age of the children and for the individual child, by offering opportunities for play and active exploration within a clearly structured, challenging, non-competitive and nurturing environment. The children have the opportunities to play in many varied areas of the classroom, such as blocks, art, sand and water. We want children to become independent, self-confident and curious learners who can work well with others.
We recognize that each child is unique. Although the general sequences of growth may be universal and predictable, each child has his or her own individual pattern of growth, personality and learning style, resulting from a unique set of influences, strengths and family background.
We foster each child’s development in all areas; social/emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

Our goal is for children to learn about life by being involved in enriching, firsthand experiences. Play and exploration are the methods and appropriate and stimulating materials are the tools for learning at the preschool level. Careful consideration is given to the curriculum in order to facilitate exploration and creative expression. Words and abstract concepts need to be given meaning through a rich variety of experiences before they are reduced to symbols as in reading or writing.

Our Classes
Two’s Classes
Two,Three or Four days (Monday through Thursday)
You can choose 2,3 or 4 days
9am - 11:30am

Three’s Classes
Four or five days: Monday – Friday
9am - 11:40am

Four’s Classes
Five days Monday – Friday
9am - 11:40am

Special Programs

  • Music Education
  • Creative Movement
  • Nature of Things
  • Summer Camp
    From mid June through July
    Morning and Afternoon

Afternoon Enrichment - 11:40-2:30 PM

  • Music:  A “Music Readiness” program taught by Miss Debra. Your child will learn music theory basics and then apply them to both the keyboard and recorder.  It will be a most rewarding experience for the children who love music.  The class ends the season with a performance.
  • Nature/Gardening We will start the season with getting the vegetable garden ready for fall and winter plantings and harvest our summer crops. In the winter we learn about composting and start our seeds indoors. In spring we get the beds ready for planting. We will also learn a few things about animals in nature.                                            
  • Dramatic Play and Favorite Stories. Anne Lammers will read stories which then become the basis of dramatic play. The children will take turns playing different part of the story. They also make their own props.  The children have lots of fun acting out the stories to each other. These are some of the books the will use. Caps for sale, Rainbow Fish, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Blueberry for Sally.
  • Sports & Games Ms. Kat will introduce and teach your child the basic fundamentals of a variety of athletic sports (soccer, basketball, kickball, football, T-ball, etc.) and everyday fun games (hula hoop it up, sink & take, relays, ball toss, etc.). In depth your child will learn the rules and skills needed to play each of the different sports and games. Sportsmanship will be emphasized and implemented in this program. It is important for children to know that it’s not about if you win or you loose, it’s about trying your best and having fun while doing it!
  • Cooking 101: The children will cook and bake and best of all taste what they make. They will also put together a cook book of the recipes that they make during the year. Spanish 101: Karen Fradera will introduce the children to Spanish with simple conversation, learning numbers, colors and names of some of their favorite things through the use pictures, games, rhymes and singing to teach the class.
  • Nature/Gardening. See description above.  Dance with Monica Levy: Teaches your child a pure love of movement, free of commercial music and choreography in a class that is inspired by early modern dance pioneers.  Children will learn rhythm, basic dance steps, sequences, and expand their imaginations. Monica Levy has created this wonderful new dance program to teach your child basic technique while also encouraging creative invention through movement.   

Friday: Happy Feet soccer program for young children.

The Parenting Center
The Parenting Center is designed to introduce young children to school for the first time.
With a parent or caretaker near by, young children feel secure and are able to explore
their surroundings. We offer two age-appropriate programs with classes meeting weekly, starting at the end of September

Babies & Crawlers classes

(Three Months - Seven Months)
(Eight months - 12 months ) a social worker is present to facilitate discussion among parents and to answer questions concerning child development.

Beginnings class

(13 months - 20months) A trained teacher who has many years of experience working with children and parents leads the group. The
Center gives parents the opportunity to develop
a community of support with other parents.
Workshops for parents
Call for more information

Our Team

Ea Jensen has been in early childhood education field for over 20 years. Ea has the professional experience and the educational background to understand and enhance the development of young children. She is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment, tailored to the educational and emotional needs of children.


The teaching staff at the the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester Nursery School have been trained to facilitate the developmental needs of each child. All of our teachers collaborate to foster a warm and creative learning environment. Ongoing early childhood development and education workshops enable the teachers to stay current.

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