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Teacher's Pets Child Care Centers, Inc.

In having discussions with parents, we come to realize that their ideas of preschool education run along very different lines from our own. When we think of the word" school", many people think strictly academic learning, and look for results of this nature. Ideas about preschool programs gathered from advertisements, newspaper, or magazine articles are very misleading. Our work with children follows a "concept" pattern, broad ideas that build up working on small particular things. We work with things that are part of their everyday lives: food (growing things), families, animals, pets, community things, weather, etc. We do not compete with kindergarten. We make children aware of alphabet and numbers, but "heavy work" on these properly belong in kindergarten and 1st grade. If you want your child to "want to read", at this age, forget the alphabet and introduce him to the "magic" of books and stories. Parents ask what they might do to follow through on teaching; these same concepts can be furthered significantly by parent's attitudes. We find parents just assume these things are happening, or being learned. We know you can't assume children know certain things; after all they have only been in this world a matter of months.

Teacher's Pets Child Care is a not-for-profit organization licensed by NYSOCFS catering to children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. We have three convenient locations.
Plainview- 516-931-8204

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