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   Rooftop Rhythms Dance Studio
10 S. Division St., #7
New Rochelle, NY

2 Too Cute & Tap/Ballet 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 Learn rhythms and shapes with an introduction to tap dancing and balance and grace with ballet. Using correct terminology and age appropriate music, your child will practice their numbers, shapes and colors as it applies to dance! Also with stretching and creative movement, their imaginations will carry them away. Following the leader and "taking turns" will teach the children to respect one another as well as the teacher. The curriculum becomes more elaborate as the child progresses in age.

Tap: Students learn terminology as well as rhythms and syncopation. Tap styles vary from Broadway, soft shoe, and hoofing and will be introduced and used according to teacher"s discretion.

Ballet I: Using the Cecchetti method (Italian based technique) this class emphasizes the understanding and application of correct terminology, placement and line of the body.

Ballet II: Using the basic knowledge from Ballet I, classwork will become more intense with emphasis on center floorwork (adagio, allegro, pirouettes, etc.) culminating in more advanced ballet combinations. As with Ballet I, emphasis will be place on correct terminology, placement and line of the body.

Jazz: Styles in this discipline vary from flowing lyrical to funky and cutting edge. However, no matter what the style, all are influenced by ballet terminology and technique and will be stressed throughout the class. It is at the discretion of the teacher as to which style will be used.

Hip Hop: Using rhythm and expression, this dance style has a technique of its own. A combination of "popping" and sharp smooth intricate movements executed to popular music with inspiration from artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, and even Disney movies such as High School Musical. Children of all ages can relate to this style of dance!

Hip Hop I & II: These classes (by teacher invitation only) will include more intense, intricate and faster paced choreography. Students will be placed into these classes at time of registration.

Broadway Jazz: Students will be introduced to the dance techniques of some of Broadway"s greatest choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. This class will stress the importance of technique and performance ability.

Modern: Using technique and movements derived from both ballet and jazz, this class gives the teacher and students the chance to embellish and create dance pieces according to the feel and spirit of the particular choice of music and emotion of the piece.

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