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By the time a child is 4, some of the most important learning that will ever happen has already taken place. Is your child on track?

During the early years, all children grow and develop at individual rates. However, if your child is not doing what other kids the same age are doing, if you child has a specific diagnosis, or if you simply believe something is not right, you should ask questions…and get answers. These questions can encompass milestones such as walking, talking, playing, eating, behaving and much more. For children that have a suspected developmental delay or a diagnosed condition, MKSA can help you make an informed decision about your child’s developmental needs. If necessary, we can assist you in the process of getting your child evaluated.


For older children, MKSA can offer help with situations such as:

-trouble making friends

-problems communicating

-difficulties with behavior

-concerns about motor development 


MKSA can answer any questions and guide you about your child’s development. Please be assured that all conversations are kept strictly confidential. And remember-no question is too small…or too big!


MKSA (a HASC subsidiary) provides a full range of early intervention evaluation, educational, therapeutic and support services for eligible children and their families throughout Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. The staff and providers have more than 17 years of experience working with children with developmental delays and their families. As one of the largest agencies in the area, MKSA provides a high level of quality services, using caring dedicated professionals. We support each child’s developmental potential by providing individualized programs tailored to each child’s specific needs. Our goal is to provide prompt, accurate evaluations, effective treatment for developmental concerns, and support for the entire family.


MKSA’s mission is to maximize each child’s developmental potential by working in cooperation with families, schools and communities. We use a successful combination of therapeutic services and family involvement to address each child’s special needs and provide the support necessary to ensure individual success. Our goal is to provide prompt, accurate evaluations, effective treatment and support for families of children with developmental delays. At MKSA, we believe in putting the child and their family’s needs first. We understand the important role of families in the life of a child with special needs. While our teachers and therapists work with the child, family members are included in a child’s therapy, and every effort is made to accommodate each family’s busy schedule. We work tirelessly to enhance each child’s development and to respond quickly and sensitively to families’ concerns. Our agency’s special strength comes from our years of experience, our emphasis on advanced training, and our strong sense of personal involvement with each family.


MKSA’s professionals all have specialized training, extensive experience, and New York State licenses or certification. These professionals include: psychologists, special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, service coordinators and board certified behavior analysts.



For a child with a suspected developmental delay, or a specific diagnosis, an accurate evaluation is the first step in determining what, if any services might be necessary, and what method of treatment would be most beneficial.

MKSA can evaluate a child in any of these areas:

Communication: using and understanding language
Gross and fine motor
: physical skills, such as walking and handling objects
: intellectual ability; problem-solving
Social and emotional
: dealing with others; handling and expressing their own emotions
: self-help skills such as feeding and dressing
: such as ASD, LD and ADHD

Early Intervention

All children ages birth to 3 are entitled to a free evaluation under the New York State Early Intervention Program (EIP) to determine if they are eligible for services. An evaluation can determine if a child has a measurable delay in a developmental area. A developmental delay means a child has not reached age-appropriate milestones in one or more basic developmental areas. If the delay is significant enough/meets eligibility criteria, services are available at no out-of-pocket cost to eligible children. For a child with a specific diagnosis, an evaluation is also necessary to determine what services are needed. MKSA provides a full range of evaluation, educational, therapeutic and support services under early intervention (EI). EI services are provided wherever your child is: your home, a day care center, or a preschool. We also offer services in our Plainview clinic. Services are provided throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. Our professionals make every effort to accommodate each family’s busy schedule. And...there is no out-or-pocket cost for EI services for eligible children and their families.


The EIP is for children less than three years of age, and is a public program funded by New York State and local counties. All children must be referred to the EIP. MKSA is an approved provider of EIP services and is under contract with Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the New York City Department of Mental Health. Parents may refer their child by calling their local EIP: NYC (311), Nassau (516-227-8661), Suffolk (631-853-3100), or MKSA can assist with the referral. All services under the EIP are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to families, but health insurance may be accessed. Eligibility for the EIP can be determined only by State approved evaluators under contract with the County. If a child is found eligible for the EIP, all services are identified in collaboration with the family and must be authorized by the County, which will arrange for service providers to deliver services authorized by the municipality. For services provided in a community setting that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying those fees. To refer your child to the Early Intervention Program (EIP), parents may call their local EIP: NYC (311), Nassau (516-227-8661), Suffolk (631-853-3100), or MKSA can assist with the referral.


For more information, call (516) 731-5588 or email us at


Preschool Services (ages 3-5)

Preschool evaluations are conducted to determine whether or not a child (ages 3-5) has a disability and if a child is eligible for preschool special education and/or related therapeutic services. If a child is found eligible for preschool services, the family acts as a member of the school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) to determine appropriate services. Your school district can help you arrange these services. If your child received early intervention services up to age three and may still need special services, MKSA can assist you with transition planning and make a referral to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). If your preschool child (age 3-5) did not receive early intervention services but has some developmental delays, MKSA can help you in completing the referral process.


Home-based preschool services can include: special instruction (SEIT), speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work services and behavior intervention services. For information on home-based preschool services in Nassau County, contact MKSA at 516-731-5588 or by email For information on HASC and center-based programs located in Nassau County and throughout the great NYC area, visit, or call HASC at 718-686-5900.


The NYS Education Department (NYSED), Office of Special Education oversees a statewide preschool special education program with school districts, municipalities, approved providers and parents. Evaluations and specially planned individual or group instructional services or programs are provided to eligible children who have a disability that affects their learning. Funding for these special education programs and services is provided by municipalities and the State.


School Age Services

MKSA has contracts with many Long Island school districts for school age children who qualify for services through each school district’s Committee on Special Education (CSE). We can also provide services for school-age children at the district’s request. For more information, contact MKSA at 516-731-5588 or by email at


Private Pay

MKSA’s private therapeutic services are available when children are not eligible for EI services. Or, for children age 3 and older, private therapeutic services are available in the following situations: children not found eligible for one of our state-funded programs or children not enrolled in one of our state-funded programs. For more information on MKSA’s private pay services, call 516-731-5588 or email us at


MKSA’s services include the following:

Speech and language therapy

Special education

Physical therapy

Psychological services

Social work services


MKSA’s specialties include: 

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)


Audiology services

Sensory integration training

Feeding services

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)

Family training and counseling

Ongoing service coordination

Teaching the visually impaired and hearing impaired


Bilingual services are available in many languages.

Services are offered at home, in the community or in our Plainview clinic. Our providers strive to make a schedule that works for your family. For more information, call (516) 731-5588 or email us at


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are terms for a group of complex neurological disorders. In 2013, all autism disorders were merged into one overall diagnosis of ASD. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by social interaction difficulties, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors. However, symptoms and their severity vary widely across these three core areas. They may result in relatively mild challenges for someone on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. For others, symptoms may be more severe, when repetitive behaviors and lack of spoken language interfere with everyday life. The basic symptoms of autism are often accompanied other medical conditions and challenges, which can also vary widely in severity. ASDs are often diagnosed between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Studies indicate that autism is four times more common in boys than girls, and there is a higher risk if a sibling is diagnosed with autism. Although it is best to begin intervention as soon as possible, the benefits of therapy can continue throughout life. Research shows the most effective treatment for children with ASD is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).


Some indicators of ASD may include:

-doesn’t babble/point/make meaningful gestures by 1 year

-does not speak one word by 16 months

-does not combine two words by 2 years

-does not respond to name

-loses language or social skills

-doesn’t play with toys appropriately

-excessively lines up toys or objects

-no pointing or showing

-does not imitate

-lack of social-emotional reciprocity (i.e. limited or no back-and-forth conversation, reduced sharing of interests/emotions, failure to initiate and respond to social interactions)

-abnormal eye contact and body language; lack of understanding and use of gestures; lack of facial expressions and nonverbal communication

-difficulty in developing, maintaining and understanding relationships; absence of interest in peers

-repetitive motor movement, use of objects or speech (i.e. lining up toys, flipping objects, echolalia)

-insistence on sameness, inflexible adherence to routines (i.e. difficulties with transitions, need to take same route or eat same food every day)


As with any concerns, speak with your pediatrician first. MKSA is always available to answer questions and make appropriate referrals. For more information, call (516) 731-5588 or email us at


ABA Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the treatment of choice for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). MKSA continues to be a leader in the area of bringing standardized testing and ABA services to early intervention. ABA refers to a style of teaching that uses a series of trials to shape a desired behavior or response. It uses a systematic behavioral approach in treating children with autism. Skills are broken down to their simplest components and then taught to the child through a system of reinforcement. Prompts are given as needed when a child is learning a skill or refusing to comply. Children must also learn to generalize these new skills—to perform them not just for their ABA teachers, but for anyone in all appropriate situations. Each child’s program is designed to promote generalization by teaching skills in a range of settings and uses a team of teachers, along with the child’s parents. As the child begins to master a skill, the prompts are gradually faded until the child can do the skill independently. Each trial functions like a building block, and together these building blocks provide the foundation for learning. The program is very positive and the child is set up for success by starting out with easier trials, reinforced, then moved on to more difficult tasks. The program essentially teaches children with autism to “learn how to learn.”


Remember—if you have any questions about your child’s development, MKSA is here to provide answers. Our goal is to help you to help your child!



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