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   Magic of Amore (The)

Experience edge of your seat fun!

Professional, popular and extraordinary are only a few words to describe such a dedicated and passionate entertainer as Amore. With over 15 years of professional experience amazing America's largest companies, world famous celebrities and appearing on numerous TV shows, it's no wonder Amore is one of New York's top-rated entertainers. Here is your chance to be mystified by this incredible entertainer, as you become part of a performance that will make you laugh and wonder like never before.

Birthday parties, Bar /Bat Mitzvahs, fundraisers, school events, library programs, holiday parties, picnics, first birthdays, christenings, baby-namings, communions... no matter what type of gathering, Amore is the performer you need.

Catering to all ages, this show tops all others. Fast paced and original, this one of a kind performance will make the birthday child / guest of honor shine in the spotlight. Have your camera ready for memorable moments that will surely be added to your photo album.

Whether your party has 10 people or 100 Amore's show will amaze and astound. Colorful handkerchiefs turn to magic canes, live birds appear at Amore's fingertips, and objects materialize out of thin air. Spectacular visual magic combined with music captures the audience's attention and brings them to a realm of wonderment. Interactive participation is the main portion where audience members become the magician?s assistant. Amore utilizes costumes and other props for some hilarious comical routines. Balancing amazing magic and sidesplitting comedy, Amore presents an unforgettable show for your event.

From the moment the show begins until the grand finale children and adults will be mesmerized and mystified.

Also available:

Wacky balloon sculpturing:

Crazy and colorful hats, dogs, flowers and rabbits are just a few of the wide selection of great balloon sculptures your guests will choose from.

Amore's unique magic workshop:

Guests become magicians in training and will experience hands-on fun, the opportunity to challenge themselves and amaze others by taking the magician's oath and learning a quality trick that they will receive to take home.

Interactive walk-around entertainment:

Includes a well-balanced mixture of enchanting magic and amazing feats of mind reading and sleight of hand. All routines are age appropriate, filled with audience participation, humor and fun. Ideal no matter the size of the venue or the amount of people attending.

Amazing illusions:

Audience volunteers will experience weightlessness and float in mid-air during the classic of magic titled "The Levitation" as well as the original melting a person through a mirror, be cut in half or attempt to escape from Houdini's shackles? Amore offers all this and more in this visually stunning show that stretches the imagination. Appropriate for family audiences.

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