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   Green Meadow Waldorf School
307 Hungry Hollow Road
Chestnut Ridge , NY

Through a curriculum of academically challenging lessons, infused by the arts and informed by a unique understanding of a child's developmental needs -- the hallmark of Waldorf education -- Green Meadow Waldorf School educates its students to become well-rounded individuals capable of bringing purpose and direction to their lives, ready to think on their own, stand for themselves and act with empathy toward others.
At Green Meadow, students' capacities for learning are awakened and enriched by an education brought to life through storytelling, movement, recitation, dramatic acting, music, drawing and painting. An emphasis on oral expression in all subjects enables our students to acquire confident public speaking skills. Our carefully constructed curriculum includes a comprehensive humanities program based on the great literature and the history and culture of world civilizations. Green Meadow's excellent math program creates proficiency in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Science offerings in biology, earth sciences, chemistry and physics contain a strong empirical component, allowing students to learn scientific principles through first-hand experience and observation.

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