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   Mandell School (The)
775 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY,

Inspiring Leaders. Creative Problem Solvers.

The Mandell School is a co-educational, independent school serving students ages 7 months through eighth grade. Founded in 1939, we have been committed to providing a challenging educational environment through an integrated curriculum, a dedicated faculty, and innovative facilities.

Mandell School Mandell School Mandell School 

Early Childhood Program 

Mandell’s Early Childhood program offers educational classes for children of all ages where they can come to school to learn and have fun! Our infant classes, also called My Grown up and Me, increase gross motor skills, enable children to become more alert, expand their attention span, and enrich their vocabulary.  We offer these classes for children 7 to 18 months old.  The classes provide customized and age-specific multi-sensory exercises that help infants and toddlers develop brain capacity.  Each age level has different educational tools, toys, music, sensory activities, and routines designed to develop cognitive skills and abilities that prepare children to start school with a solid learning base. 

For children 18-24 months, we offer Mini Mandell, a gentle introduction to our 2's program. During the fall months, children explore the wonders of the classroom with their grownup close by in this non-separation portion of the year. Then, in January, after the children are fully acclimated to school and have bonded with their teachers, Mini Mandell becomes a nurturing separation program.  This allows students a smooth transition into a Pre School program

The Mandell Pre School offers full and part time schedules for children 2, 3 and 4 years old, with an option to enroll directly into our Kindergarten - 8th Grade program when they turn 5.  

Mandell School Mandell School Mandell School

Our K-8 School program is a warm and welcoming community of inquisitive, engaged and creative students who arrive each day ready to learn. Through challenging and stimulating work, we provide students with a foundation of academic excellence, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and encourage flexibility and resilience.

The school is designed specifically to engage a variety of learners, meet developmental needs and provide opportunities for exploration and risk-taking. Our innovative curriculum is supported by a state-of-the-art facility including: fully-equipped black box theater, cafeteria with living wall, hydroponics and technology labs, competitive gymnasium, bright classrooms and a large terrace-- home to gardens cared for by our students.

Lower School students, from Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, develop foundations in literacy and numeracy, working together as a class, in small groups and individually. Students master early academic skills and become effective readers, problem solvers, and communicators. In addition to the core subjects of math, science, social studies and language arts, the interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses in library, technology, vocal and instrumental music, drama, studio art, and physical education. Students begin the study of French and Spanish in Kindergarten and continue with either French or Spanish through Eighth Grade.

Mandell School Mandell School Mandell School

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