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   Tutoring Match
205 Sunset Ave
Fairfield, CT

Tutoring Match's primary goal is to offer students fresh insights and perspectives through academic assistance and services so that they may realize greater success while developing into independent thinkers and life-long learners.

With an experienced staff of educators and state-of-art technology, Tutoring Match offers parents and students a network of highly-qualified tutors for one-on-one personalized assistance in the home and online in pursuit of this goal.

We believe that EVERY Student...

  • is unique and has a distinctive learning style and perspective.
  • succeeds with encouragement, a positive attitude, self- motivation, educational opportunities, the proper tools and techniques.
  • deserves teachers who believe he or she can learn and who will not be satisfied until he or she does.

We believe that Parents...

  • who are committed to their child?s education, provide their child with opportunities for success.

We believe that Education...

  • should never become an obstacle for learning.
  • determine one's destiny and level of success.
  • is a gift and a treasure chest if opened purposefully.

We believe that the best Tutors and Tutoring...

  • inspire and motivate students to become better individuals.
  • help students discover the ability to triumph over obstacles.
  • enhance and accelerate the student?s learning process while improving self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • should be purposeful and directed towards a natural conclusion once a student has received the knowledge, tools, methods, and confidence.
  • change lives and promote positive relationships.

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