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   Red Rabbit Music
437 Bergen St
Park Slope, NY

Red Rabbit Music is a school for Music specializing in Violin, Viola and beginner Music Theory. We believe music should be for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Red Rabbit Music offers private and group instruction opportunities to students ranging from age 4 to adult.

Red Rabbit Music is conveniently located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a diverse and community oriented neighborhood. Lessons are available at a wide range of times to accommodate the busy schedules of New Yorkers. Our lessons are reasonably priced and special discounts are abailable for group classes when taken along-side individual instruction.

Red Rabbit Music cares about the training you or your child receive, from the new student beginning an instrument, to the adult re-acquainting themselves with an old pastime, to the advanced student with an active future in music. The Red Rabbit Music instructor has studied at top conservatories and maintains an active and prestigious performing career. We care about bringing music into your live and your community.

"Rebecca, you came into P.S. 38 and worked with students who had never touched a violin before. You taught them to read music, play music and respect themselves as well as the instrument they were playing. Your love for music is evident in your commitment to teaching young children. It can be quite a challenge to keep second graders focused on anything for more than 20 minutes at a time. Your lesson is so structured around the students needs they are kept focused, excited, and they are having fun. It was an honor to work with you and we at 38 look forward to a long partnership."
Mrs. Monica Padilla, Enrichment Coordinator PS 38

"Kassidy complains about everything. She's a drama queen. But from day one with the violin she felt more special than usual. She never complained because she fell in love instantly with the strings. On days when she didn't do so well, she was heart broken and talked about it all night long.
Kassidy knows she special and loved; a gift from her family. But when it comes to playing the violin, she feels special, and independent of her family. In her heart and in her mind, she will become a great violin teacher one day - but mostly a great violin player."
Thank you Ms. Cherry
Nessa Thornill - Parent

"I love violin...I want to learn more songs...I want to be a professional just like you because it looks fun! I like all the songs you taught us in class. Some are fast and some are slow. That's why I like the songs."
Raquan Dennis - Student age 7

"I like the violin because it can make many sounds and you can play any song. My favorite songs are Bile ‘em cabbage down and lightly row. I like lightly row because it makes me cry and I like slow songs... I wish I played violin for the rest of my life. Violin is my thing! I want to teach my mom how to play the violin one day."
Kassidy - Student age 7

"I like the violin. It is fun to learn new songs. The song I like the most is Mississippi hot dog (Twinkle Twinkle variation) because it makes me think of music."
Elmen - Student age 8

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