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   How To Be A Model
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Top Tips, Flashy Guidelines, and Hip Reminders on How To Be Model

This New book is the perfect guide for young readers who dream on pursuing a modeling career

Fame, glamour, walking down the runway with camera flashes from every corner of the room-this is the dream Thirteen-year-old-author Angelic Rosario plans to accomplish-to be a well-known model. In her newly authored book, she shares top tips and hip reminders to young readers on How To Be A Model.

This handy, informative, and fabulous guide to stardom contains the basic things one has to put in mind in order to become a full-fledged model. It covers topics such as photo shoot tips, fashion websites, traveling tips, and much more. At the second half of the book, Angelic Rosario includes her own photo shoot, which may serve as an inspiration for aspiring models.

Encouraging readers' participation, this highly interactive book includes engaging activities and personal questions for the readers to answer. The answers taken from these questionnaires are part of the modeling profile. In addition, readers are also invited to draw fashion outfits, cut-out their preferred clothes, and put photos of them portraying different facial expressions.

Fit for young readers with big dreams, How To Be A Model can both serve as a friend and the perfect inspiration. To purchase a copy, visit Amazon or Barnes&Nobles online bookstores or contact Cecily Rosario at .

About the Author
Thirteen -year-old Angelic Rosario began writing the book How To Be A Model at the age of Eleven-years-old. Angelic began modeling at 9 months old. At eleven years old she appeared in the movie American Gangster starring Denzel Washington. Angelic also loves to design clothes and write stories. She has great passion for worldly issues. In 2008 she decided to write to then Democratic Candidate Barack Obama, voicing her concerns about Global Warming, and to her surprise he responded with a letter of great appreciation for her concerns of Global Warming. He also commended her for her community involvement at such a young age and urged her to continue to champion the cause. At that moment Angelic realized the power of writing!


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