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Blind Faith: David Stern, Inc.
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It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it -- and David Stern has been doing it for more years than he cares to recount. The "it" is laundering and repairing Venetian blinds. Stern and his nimble-fingered staff can clean and refurbish almost any type of blinds: wooden, faux-wood, aluminum, plastic, verticals, and even vintage, assuming he has or can make the parts. He can handle product from Levelor, Hunter Douglas, and Graber, among the most popular manufacturers; he can even rejuvenate Hunter Douglas' Duettes, Silhouettes, and Vignettes. 

Some simple repairs (like re-cording or putting on new pulls) can even be done on your premises. (More intricate tasks, like re-taping, must be done at his shop.) He can replace slats, wash city debris off of surfaces, and even do on-site cloth-shade and drapery cleaning (starting at $400). The minimum for in-home repairs is $200, so it's worth waiting until you have a lot of work for him before calling; otherwise, you can mail blinds to his shop and he'll turn most repairs around in about a week. He does make occasional trips into the city for consultations and pick-ups, so it's best to call first to discuss your repairs and catch him on a day he's scheduled for city work. 79 South Third Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY, 914-668-8860; www.davidsternwindowtreatments.com (This article originally appeared in the 3/06 issue of Manhattan Living.)

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