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Another super sale of Italian goods Frette, this time.  Super fine and super-superior white goods as well as table linens and assorted home accessories are all for sale, at up to 70% off retail...which is good, because Frette doesn't come cheap under normal circumstances.  Here is a chance, though, to snap up some of those lovely, over-the-top, high-count sheet sets and fluffy, plush towels, not to mention a box of $100 soaps or some of those silky, clingy dressing gowns that look like they should be in a Merchant/Ivory costume drama.  The sale is at Soiffer Haskin, 317 West 33rd Street, just west of Eighth Avenue (which you probably know by heart now).  Credit cards only, and as usual, no strollers, no children under 12.  Starts tomorrow, Saturday, and continues through Wednesday, the 12th.    Hours:  9 a.m. to 6:30 daily, except Wednesday, when they will close up shop at 5 p.m.

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About the Author: About the Author: Ruth J. Katz is a well-known shopping and service writer based in New York City. She has written about shopping for 25 years for New York magazine; covered the topic on-air at Fox-TV for several years as the Home Services expert; and had her own show on both the USA and Lifetime Cable networks. Katz wrote extensively for The New York Times as well, and contributed periodically to the New York Daily News. She is a passionate shopper, always looking for not merely a good buy, but the best buy, ferreting out a "steal" or discovering up-and-coming designers. She has written five books and is a former contributing editor to Hearst's Redbook, Classic Home, and Colonial Homes; she is currently a Contributing Editor of New York Home, Golf Connoisseur, The Modern Estate, and Promenade magazines. She is also the former Shopping Director for Davler Media's Manhattan Living.

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