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Stockings Galore
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What we like about Fogal can be summed up in three words: The Crayola Effect. There isn't a color of hosiery that this company does not fashion...well, at least they make well over 80 shades of black, white, and everything in between. We like to just click on the Web site and watch the Pantone-like parade of colors whisk by. And once you find your color, then you have to choose your hose style, from super sheer to opaque, from textured to shiny, to whatever. Unlike competitor Wohlford, which has a sort of dependably black palette, Fogal just hasn't met a color it doesn't like. And that's what we like. Because you never know when you'll need something to match a luteous green bridesmaid's dress -- or what if you land a job as a flight attendant on Austrian Air and need bright-red hose? Fogal's sure to be your new best friend. There are also some neat body suits and other intimate accessories for women, along with hose for men and cute stuff for kids. But still, we come back time and time again for that Grumbacher palette of hosiery. Dependable. Colorful. Textured styles, sleek styles. And a decent size range. What legs could ask for more? 515 Madison Ave. (near 53rd St.), 212-355-3254; www.fogal.com

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