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The Grill of It All
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It's Dad's special day coming up this Sunday, so we thought we'd focus on a few things for the grillmeister in him, and leave the ties 'til Xmas.  Cuisinart, one of our favorite brands for all things kitchen-appliance-y, has some fab accessories and products for the outdoor chef, starting with the 14-piece Deluxe Grill Set (for a sum that won't break the bank, $39.95). It's made from durable stainless and includes the vital tongs, basting and cleaning brushes, a spatula, and even (cleverly) four pairs of corn holders.  There is also an extra cleaning brush, a good idea, since we all know how disgusting the grills can get. Comes packaged elegantly in a sturdy aluminum case--very sleek, very James Bond, minus the car, sorry to say. But, what it does come with--a little something even Q wouldn't mind having--is an added goodie:  The smart marketers at Cuisinart and Omaha Steaks have tucked a lovely $20 Omaha Steak Gift Reward Card into the package....not bad.

Dad may also like to get his mitts, oven or otherwise, on the Cuisinart's digital temperature gauge, ($24.99) with a color-changing display.  Very cool, or hot, depending on the temperature.  It's programmable and magnetic, and you can actually set the desired temperature, then test to see if the meat is-in the words of the kids when you travel--there yet???  When the steak, chops, chicken, etc., have reached their set temperatures, the color in the read-out display changes; and just in case dad is off somewhere sharing a mojito and conversation with a neighbor over the back fence, there is an audible alarm that will alert him to return to the grill.  Comes with a three-foot-long Teflon cable, so that it can reach the corners of the grilling tray.  And it's magnetic to allow for easy storage.

Two other items from Cuisinart that are worth considering, as well, for use both indoors and outdoors:  The pre-seasoned cast iron fajita set ($39.99) and the non-stick wok ($19.99).  The former is manufactured with innovative flavor slots which work to remove excess grease and fat from food while at the same time, enhancing the natural grilled flavor of the meat.  And it comes with a handsome wooden serving tray, that fits the skillet perfectly, so the meal can be served sizzling hot.  The non-stick wok would also be a treat for dad, as it's got a well designed non-stick surface and a heat-resistant folding handle.....all this, just to ask him to make you dinner on HIS day!



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