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Campo Marzio Making Its Mark in Gotham
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Last week, it was shoes. A passion. This week, it’s pens and leather goods, more favorites. How lucky are we, to get to be The Town Crier (at least of this blog) and to share the things we love with everyone else?  We have cooed over Campo Marzio pens for years. And whenever we are in Italy (the company has nine boutiques and nearly 60 different sales counters in other stores across the country), we try to find a little trinket to gratify our craving. Since Campo Marzio has been satisfying the pen-lust of Italian nobles, politicians, and artists for over 80 years, we feel right at home with our own yearnings for writing implements of style, marked by fine workmanship.

A few years ago we discovered that Campo Marzio had opened in London, so now we have to always stop by the shop on Piccadilly when we’re heading to St. James’s. (For the record, the company has 17 boutiques in 15 cities in 11 countries.) And now – finalemente!!!! – there is a shop-within-a-shop at Kate’s Paperie in SoHo (72 Spring Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets). Coming soon, at the other Kate’s locations (East Side, West Side, and all around the town, as the song goes), more Campo Marzio boutiques.

Let’s see. What do we love about Campo Marzio? Well, for starters, the pens with all the rhinestones. But then we love the pens with all the polka dots. Then we love the silvery pens that are very cutting-edge. Then it’s the leather goods -- the portfolio cases, the business-card holders, the stationery boxes, the organizers, the wallets, the waste paper baskets, the envelopes, the letter-holders....and on and on.

Campo Marzio bags

It’s also about the color. No store in the world is a happier shop to walk into. From the bright-orange, signature exterior to the painted shelves, the colorful panoply of merchandise spread out so appealingly, and the rainbow-like displays...it’s like walking into a Pantone color catalogue. Even if you hate pens -- and the company has every kind of pen, ball point and fountain pens, roller balls, calligraphy sets, etc. -- you will easily be turned into a pen lover, as a Campo Marzio shop is simply a joy to behold.

Prices are soothing, also, and will not break the proverbial bank: Leather goods in general range from about $12 to $210; pens range from as little as $13 to $90 for the most fancy; journals and albums from $25 to $160; desk accessories from $15 to $40; and portfolio envelopes, from $15 to $40.

Hip-hip-hooray, that the work of these talented Italian craftsmen has finally made it to our shores.  Bravissimi!

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