Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Brooklyn, NY

Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Brooklyn, NY


Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Brooklyn, NY

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UPDATED JULY 2015: Get extra homeowrk help for your student in Brooklyn, including Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn, and find private tutors, academic classes, language programs, and after-school centers to help your kids succeed in school with good grades

8696 18th Ave., Brooklyn
1902 Ave. T, Brooklyn
259 Rose Ave., Staten Island

Brienza’s Academic Advantage offers a variety of programs for students attending kindergarten-12th grade. We specialize in TACHS, SHSAT, SAT, and ACT preparation. Our programs provide students an opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, enabling them to reach their full potential. Programs offered are tutoring in all subject areas (both one-to-one and share-a-tutor groups), test preparation courses, and SETSS (P-4) services to qualified students. Call our office to speak to one of our educational specialists and choose the best option for your child. Please register early. Space is limited.

Cosmic Cove 300 Atlantic Ave.

After school classes facilitate inquiry-based science activities that are fun to do, and at the same time develop science process skills like problem solving, creative thinking, decision-making, classifying, measuring, and more. Carmelo creates opportunities for students to see science as part of their everyday experiences.This fall for example, children will become chemists, and have a better understanding of the world of matter. However, this winter the children may become geologists and begin to learn about the earth and many of its geological processes.

Bay Ridge
7409 3rd Ave.
Fax: 347-517-4003
6806 20th Ave.
347-7-MATH-11 (62-8411)
Fax: 718-975-0132

Mathnasium is an after-school learning center where we make math make sense to kids. We support grades K-12, including standardized test preparation. We are the math experts. We provide excellent content, at a great value, with proven results. Instruction is one-on-one. We conduct an in-depth math assessment, and prepare a customized learning plan for each student. We offer flexible scheduling in a relaxed environment.

6501 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn
Email info@theridgecreativecenter.org

The Ridge Creative Center provides unique learning opportunities for children and families focusing on exploration, innovation and creating. Our After School is designed around themes and art-based projects, using blended learning. Our space includes: rooms for contemplative learning, a student art gallery, a kitchen for culinary arts, a gym for dance/movement classes and free play, and Leif Ericsson Park for outdoor activities. Other programs offered are: Vacation and Half Day Service, ESOL Classes for Families, Home School Classes, Family/Community Fridays, and Individualized Birthday Parties.

7811 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge
Email Bayridgeny@tutoringclub.com

The Tutoring Club is dedicated to helping students increase their subject skills and self-esteem. We utilize the most advanced curriculum in tutoring, maintain low student-to-tutor ratios, pinpoint and correct problems, motivate our students, and provide qualified instructors certified in the use of the programs and committed to ensuring each child’s success. Our Core Programs are Math, ELA, and Writing Skills. We have HS Math and Sciences tutors available. Test prep programs for NYS Grade Level, Gifted and Talented, SSHSAT, TACHS, ISEE, GED and SAT tests. Homework Help sessions are available.


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