BASIS Independent Brooklyn


BASIS Independent Brooklyn is the newest BASIS.ed school featuring a globally acclimated STEM-focused liberal arts curriculum preparing young minds for life in the 21st century.

We teach students to rise gracefully to all challenges and foster an intrinsic love of learning. That’s how we cultivate learners who outpace U.S. Peers by 4 years in math and 3 years in science. 

Currently Accepting Applications For Grades K-9 for Fall 2015 

Attend an info session to learn more! 

School Address: 556 Colombia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
School Phone Number: 718-643-6302 

BASIS Independent Brooklyn, opening for kindergarten through 10th grade, features the STEM-focused liberal arts course of study that places its sister schools at the very top of the world’s academic achievers. With master teachers and an expert learning specialist in each class, every student finds support to accomplish more than he or she ever expected. Early-bird and late-bird hours, along with dedicated transportation by bus or water taxi, make BASIS Independent Brooklyn the best choice for New York children to ignite their passion for lifelong learning.