B.P. Wise Owl Tutoring

My name is Ellyn Rothstein and I am a Level 1 trained Wilson Reading System Teacher with an advanced (7-12) word study certificate. I have a B.S. and a M.S. in Special Education and Learning Disabilities and retired from the New York City Department of Education after 32 years as a teacher, education evaluator/ case manager of School Based Support teams. In my career, I have worked with general education and special needs children in elementary, middle school and high school and am very comfortable with children of all ages.

I founded my Wilson Reading tutoring business (2004) in Brooklyn, New York and have worked with children 1:1 from age 7 to adults since that time.

I love and believe in the Wilson Reading because it directly teaches the English language to students who have are capable of, but were never properly taught, the sound and syllable system for reading and spelling in a friendly, repetitive and systematic manner.

This program would benefit:

*students with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, those on the autism spectrum, as well as other special needs students
*general education or special needs students unable to decode accurately

  • Slow, labored readers who lack fluency
  • Students who many know many words by sight but have difficulty reading new words
  • Students who often guess at words

 *Students able to speak and understand English that cannot read or write it, such as ESL students

*Poor spellers

*Students unsuccessful with other reading programs or who still have gaps in their decoding or spelling skills.

I work at my home office only but am quite affordable and flexible in scheduling sessions.

I would love to work with your child and would take pride in helping them achieve their goal of reading independently with confidence.

Help your child be a “Wise Owl “ because success should be their only option!

I am a Level 1-trained Wilson Reading teacher with a BS and an MS in Special Education/Learning Disabilities who retired from the New York City Department of Education after 32 years. I founded my tutoring business in 2004, and have worked with children ages 7 and older since that time. I work with one student at a time in my home office only, but am quite affordable and flexible in scheduling sessions after school and in the evenings.