Oak Meadow

Independent Learning Since 1975
Oak Meadow’s creative, experiential homeschooling curriculum for students in kindergarten to grade 12 is built on a strong academic foundation, delivered with imagination and heart. Use our curriculum independently or through our fully-accredited, teacher-supported distance learning school.

Why Oak Meadow?

  • We offer a well-rounded, experiential approach to education that nurtures confidence, curiosity, and a love of learning.
  • Our creative curriculum can be individualized to fit your child’s needs and style.
  • All grade levels are accessible for families seeking an alternative to the traditional school setting; a progressive, independent education; or a flexible school schedule to accommodate artistic, athletic, professional, or travel commitments..
  • Homeschooling families who purchase curriculum materials receive everything they need to homeschool their children for an entire year. We also offer teacher manuals, supplementary materials, and craft kits.
  • Enrolled students send lessons from anywhere in the world to their Oak Meadow teachers, who provide written assessments. We maintain cumulative records and transcripts, and credits are transferable to other educational institutions.

At a Glance

  • Since 1975, tens of thousands of families in 39 states and 36 countries have used Oak Meadow curriculum. Over 500 students enrolled this year.
  • 96 percent of our faculty have advanced degrees; 62 percent of our entire staff has attended or worked in independent schools.
  • Over 130 visitors came to this year’s annual Open House in Brattleboro, Vermont; families came from 12 states near and far, including Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

Who We Are

Oak Meadow was founded in 1975 by a group of parents and teachers seeking to feed their child’s spark for learning. We believe that children are sensitive and intelligent, learning can be enjoyable, and education should be integrated into life.

  • We are a fully accredited school that meets strict professional standards.
  • Oak Meadow is the first distance learning school ever to be named a candidate for accreditation by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).
  • Our distinguished faculty is a cohesive group of colleagues who meet regularly to discuss student progress, develop new courses, and explore current issues and trends in distance learning.
  • Our print-based curriculum reinforces solid reading comprehension and study skills. Families choose the extent of technology development and use of online resources. Opportunities for online collaboration and class discussion are available for students in seventh grade and above.

What Sets Us Apart

Oak Meadow’s curriculum is student-centered, self-paced, and rigorous, yet gentle, flexible, and organic. Families have access to world-class faculty as well as educational guidance, administrative support, and a wealth of homeschooling resources from our learning hub in Brattleboro, Vermont.

K-4: Because young children learn naturally through imitation and action, our curriculum features plenty of healthy activity and movement. Students experience a multisensory education as they explore letters, numbers, color, song, rhythm, and verse while learning about themselves and the world around them. Lessons focusing on community, culture, and nature are interwoven with creative hands-on assignments.

5-8: We encourage students approaching adolescence to develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving through a wide and varied choice of projects, assignments, and community service. Students participate in research assignments and extended projects, and they are asked to interpret information, form opinions, and express their thoughts clearly and cohesively.

High school: As students prepare for college, career, or other explorations, our interdisciplinary curriculum guides them toward reflective learning while acquiring practical skill sets. They learn from their own inquiry as well as from books, teachers, tangible materials, and experiences in the world. We offer options for dual enrollment, Advanced Placement courses, life experience credit, and travel and summer programs. Enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study project.

Visit our website at oakmeadow.com to request a catalog or view curriculum samples.

Exploring educational alternatives for your child? Oak Meadow offers creative, experiential home-schooling curriculum for children in kindergarten to grade 12. We offer a wealth of options to fit your child’s interests, talents, and style. Our extensive home-schooling resources and web of support are self-paced, flexible, and affordable. Use our curriculum independently or through our fully accredited distance learning school. Visit oakmeadow.com or call 802-251-7250 to speak with an educational counselor. Let Oak Meadow help you bring the heart of learning back home.