Tomoko Furuya-Capozzi

Take piano lessons in my home studio.

My piano lessons provide rhythm-training and ear-training; instruction in solfège, piano technique, music theory, improvisation, music appreciation, and music history. During each lesson, we use bongos, drums, keyboards, and other kinds of gadgets. We perform solos and duets; and my students all perform recitals for select audiences. My pedagogy is informed by the fact that music is kinesthetic: we play with our entire body, not just our fingers.

I tailor my lessons to each individual, so that each lesson is fruitful, meaningful and fun for all my students, and myself included!  As a music professional, I am dedicated, patient, and creative thanks to the piano masters who have taught me music,

I graduated from the Kunitachi Music Conservatory in Tokyo, Japan with a certificate in Music Education and piano. Thereafter, I traveled to Europe to study western classical music. Then, I came to NYC to study jazz. I have studied with Tatsuya Takahashi, Francesca Tanksley, Salim Washington, Barry Harris, and Sumi Tonooka,

I am now a student of George Cables. I love music and I love the piano. I enjoy sharing that with my students. 

I hope to see you soon!