Williamsburg Northside Schools

Founded in 1999, Williamsburg Northside Schools is comprised of three core programs. The Infant and Toddler Center, located at 70 Havemeyer street, provides daycare and early childhood education up to age 2. The Preschool, located at 152 North 5th Street, encompasses our 2s and 3s program. The Pre-Kindergarten program is housed within our Lower School campus for K-5th grade at 299 North 7th Street, a new and beautiful location, which includes large terraces, a science lab, and a middle school-sized gym.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy of education unites all of our programs with its thoughtful and caring approach to education. Reggio Emilia emphasizes a child’s agency in the learning process.  Children are encouraged to explore what interests them, developing their unique passions and collaborative skills through project-based learning.

“A core value and critical component of the mission of our school is our respect for children. We believe they are strong and capable in their own right,” says Gina Farrar, PhD - Head of Williamsburg Northside Schools. “We strive to create a community in which all children feel safe, secure and supported to share, explore, question, falter when necessary, think critically and create. Within this culture, children are able to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge base, as well as make connections that lead to a deep understanding of the world around them.”

Williamsburg Northside provide school tours and Open House events throughout the year. Visit http://www.willnorth.org for more information.

Williamsburg Northside Schools offer tours and open house events across all of our programs. Visit our website at willnorth.org for more information and tour dates.

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