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Buddy Referral Network
NYMetroParents has created a Buddy Rewards Program for the members who introduce the most friends to TIX & PICKS!

How It Works
If you recommend someone to Tix & Picks and they list you as their referrer, they will automatically become part of your Buddy Network. If your buddy recommends more new users and is listed as a referrer, then their new buddies will automatically become part of your network as well. Members who are in the top 25% largest networks are what we call ToP Buddies and can earn a variety of Tix & Picks benefits.

Benefits for ToP Buddies

  • Advance notice on deals and invitations (this can be crucial because most offers have limited availability)
  • Exclusive offers just for ToP Buddies
  • Discounts at NYMetroParents events and promotions
  • The ability to invite your friends to events before the general
  • population announcement

Tips for Building Buddy Networks

  1. Include a personal note in your email invitation.
  2. Follow-up with friends after sending an invite.
  3. Welcome new buddies to the program.
  4. Encourage your buddies to introduce their friends to Tix & Picks.
  5. Monitor your status so that you don't fall below the 25% level.
  6. Share with people who you introduce to Tix & Picks some of the savings or invitations you have received.
  7. Use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to friends.