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How Can a Wife & Husband Really Trust Each Other? - Aesthetic Realism Foundation
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Date: 10/02/10
Hours: 11am-12:30pm2
Ages: 18 and over
Price: $10
Address: 141 Greene St. - 212-777-4490

Description: Every wife would like to feel that she?s trusted by her husband and that she can trust him. But, many a wife has worried: ?Why at times does he seem suspicious of me?? And she?s also felt about her husband, ?Why do I sometimes feel distrustful of him?? HOW CAN A WIFE AND HUSBAND REALLY TRUST EACH OTHER? is the topic that will be addressed and answered clearly at the Understanding Marriage! class on Saturday, October 2nd, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. At this event, conducted by the teaching trio There Are Wives?Barbara Allen, Anne Fielding, and Pauline Meglino?there?s going to be in-depth, enlivening discussion of the following sentences from an Aesthetic Realism Lesson given by Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism: Everyone is looking for an answer to the question Why am I not trusted? Let?s take Mrs. J: She thinks she is trusted partially by her husband; she in turn responds with partial trust of him. Both are correct. This is a question every person should ask: Will I be happy unless I feel I deserve to be trusted?...It happens that in social life we give the appearance of wanting to be helpful, kind, and good. A crucial area as to trust is this: When you say you want someone to be happy, do you mean it, or are you putting on a show? The first thing in being trusted is that we be interested in the welfare of other people. The class will ask this central question: Do two married people mistrust each other because deeply they feel, ?You don?t want to encourage me to like people and be interested in them!? ? Wives will also get new hope and clarity learning what Aesthetic Realism explains is the deepest and truest basis of marriage: to like the world. And this event shows importantly that the biggest mistake wives and husbands make is that they ?have tried to love in a way that would mean less of a like for the world?in fact, a contempt for it.? Women haven?t known this! Each woman will understand, to the great benefit of her marriage, that a wife and husband will feel they can trust each other only when they can feel about the other: ?You, dear, really want me to care for and be interested in the world and people!?

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