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Fairfield County, CT Special Needs Resource Guide

October 11, 2013   |  DIRECTORY ARTICLES   

UPDATED APRIL 2015: Are you looking for the most comprehensive guide to special needs resources in the Fairfield County, CT area? Our guide has listings for therapists, special needs camps, medical experts, advocates and special needs support groups for families in Greenwich, Norwalk, Wilton and all of Fairfield County, CT.


24 Grove St., New Canaan

Arts For Healing provides integrated arts therapy for children and adults with developmental and autism spectrum disorders. Trained therapists assess your child’s needs and develop an individualized plan. Music stimulates neurological pathways and fosters communication through improvisatory activities. Art stimulates imagination, abstract thinking, reflective self-expression and renewed self-image. Using the arts to realize your child’s potential encourages creativity while improving communication skills, sensory integration, self-awareness and self-confidence.

79 East Putnam Ave. Suite#17, Greenwich

Integrative Psychotherapy and Family Counseling Services for special needs. Expressive therapies engage the whole child by weaving psychotherapy with the best parts of movement therapy, music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, dance therapy, and DIR/Floor time into a unified evidence-based mind-body approach to enhance emotional, social, and cognitive skills. Expressive Therapies is a holistic approach that bypasses communication barriers to build new pathways between brain regions.

1835 Post Road E., Westport
721 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, NY 
650 Central Ave., Scarsdale, NY 

Huntington Learning Center is an accredited K-12 tutoring and test prep leader with certified teachers providing individualized instruction in reading, phonics, writing, study skills, math, science, SAT, ACT, and state and standardized exams. Huntington helps students at any level achieve results including students with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities. The skills, confidence, and motivation developed by Huntington help students succeed and meet Common Core State Standards. A former parent states: In just four months, the improvements I have seen on Jessica’s test scores, quizzes and grades have been incredible. 

85 Mill Plain Road , Fairfield

Campers will build confidence, social skills, balance, and coordination in our half-day, multi-venue camp with typical peer integration. Venues include: Carabiner’s Indoor Rock Climbing, Fairfield Ice Academy, Fairfield Fencing Academy, World Champion Taekwondo, Brain Boost, The Field House, and Fit Club. Each venue has a designated professional staff to instruct the campers. With the support of the Only You Foundation, the Sportsplex@Fairfield Camp personalizes each student's experience with the OTs, PTs, Ed Techs, and paraprofessionals as needed. 

95 Merritt Blvd., Trumbull

St. Vincent’s Special Needs Services is a trusted provider of lifelong education and therapeutic services. Our special education school for children, ages 3 to 21, is an alternative placement option for children with developmental disabilities, special health care needs, and autism spectrum disorders. Physical, occupational, speech-language, and aquatic therapies are all offered as part of each student’s individualized education plan. Parent education and transition support services, adult day and work services, and residential placements are also available.

Locations throughout the Tri-State Area, 
800-52-TIGER (84437)

Great successes have been achieved by introducing special needs children to martial arts. Scientific studies have determined that martial arts can reduce and even eliminate the need for medications. Parents worry about their children’s future and their ability to achieve. Tiger Schulmann’s teaches them to set and accomplish goals, step-by-step, and never quit. This process is critical. In fact, A Tiger Schulmann’s student with a severe learning disability was discouraged by teachers and her counselor from setting higher learning as a goal. That student is currently enrolled in a Masters program!

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