SEED Center, The

The Center for Social Enrichment and Educational Development (The SEED Center) is a brand-new, state-of-the-art, all-inclusive therapeutic center for individuals with autism and other related disabilities. The SEED Center offers a multitude of services such as applied behavior analysis, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social skill development, family training, assessment and testing, counseling, advocacy, home programming and professional development. The SEED Center utilizes a transdisciplinary approach; allowing professionals to work and train together as a team to maximize progress and skill development. Parents can rely on The SEED Center to provide a well-coordinated, all-inclusive environment that includes curriculum, tools, training and facility accommodations. Children can look forward to a fun, engaging and social learning environment, and parents have the peace of mind knowing that The SEED Center therapists are working in sync to achieve optimal results.

The SEED Center's therapy program and facility include:

* Individual treatment plans
* Monthly progress review meetings with therapeutic team
* One-on-one direct therapy
* Group therapy to promote social interaction
* Private therapy areas for each child
* Daily communication with therapists working with your child
* Sensory Gym
* Exclusive Preschool- room
* I-Pad technology
* Parent training sessions
* Hands-on training with parents and caregivers
* Occupational therapy
* Speech and Language therapy
* Autism training
* Autism Counseling
* Learning Therapy
* Treatment for Autism


Clinical Evaluation- A comprehensive evaluation to determine the individuals' needs in all pertinent areas.

Behavior Therapy- Individuals learn skills to be generalized into their daily lives through the method Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA).

Occupational Therapy- Individuals improve their gross motor and fine motor skills in a fully equipped sensory gym.

Speech Therapy- Individuals develop their pragmatic and articulation skills through proven techniques.

Home Therapy- Behavior specialists provide therapies to ensure successful generalization of skills into the home setting.

Recreational Therapy- Individuals participate in a variety of fun recreational outings, giving them the opportunity to generalize the skills learned in therapy.

Social Skills Training- Individuals participate in group therapy, learning the skills they need to be successful in the most common social situations.

Counseling- Individuals learn self-management and coping skills to help them better understand and regulate their symptoms.

Special Education Advocacy- Parents consult with an experienced advocate to ensure their child is receiving the services he/she is entitled to.

Family Training- Parents participate in training sessions to help facilitate skill development at home and in the community. Siblings of individuals with disabilities participate in a support group to explore common feelings and share their experiences.

Consulting- Our team trains school personnel on how to properly address the needs of students with autism.

Plus: Transition services, use of iPadTM technology and fully equipped sensory gym.

The SEED Center is a therapeutic center for children, adolescents, and young adults with ASD and related needs. Services include diagnostic evaluations, ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills, and individual and family psychotherapy. We offer state-of-the-art Smart and Apple technologies integrated into services. Professionals coordinate treatment goals to maximize progress. Parents and families can rely on The SEED Center to provide evidence-based interventions. Children receive services in a fun, engaging, and social learning environment. We are an in network provider with United Healthcare.

Meet the Health Care Professional

Evan Schermer is the co-founder and president of the Center for Social Enrichment and Educational Development, LLC ("The SEED Center"). For the past 10 years he has helped established several private schools and a post-secondary program for individuals with special needs. He is an autism expert, and has worked as a consultant to school districts, as well as an advocate to parents in need. Mr. Schermer's experience and knowledge, clinically and professionally, ensure a solid foundation and strength to help The SEED Center grow.