Tutoring Center (The)

ommon sense tells us that children learn best when they enjoy learning. When you arrive at THE TUTORING CENTER, you'll notice right away what sets us apart from other after-school learning centers. First, we are very proud of the organized, clutter-free environment we provide for your child. We have carefully designed our centers to help your children focus, concentrate, and excel to heights you may have never thought possible. Second, when you look inside our Centers, you will see children who are excited about learning and having FUN while doing it - and some of these children are the same children the schools were convinced could not be motivated. Let your child surprise you with success and excitement!

The Tutoring Center is the only after-school learning center that physically increases concentration, attention span, and focus. We use a unique method, along with intensive one-to-one instruction, to increase your child’s concentration and academic skills. We offer programs for grades Pre-K to 12 in reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, homework, CMT/PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation, and more. Our individualized programs start with a diagnostic assessment and test consultation. We guarantee results, and there are absolutely no contracts. Call, email, or visit us for additional information.