Whimsies Dollhouse Shop


Our shop specializes in heirloom-quality dollhouses in all stages of completion: custom-designed, ready-built, or do-it-yourself kits. We carry every accessory imaginable for the enticing hobby of dollhouses and miniatures including kits, trim, paint, wallpaper, shingles, all dollhouse components, collectible miniature furniture, miniature accessories, and porcelain dolls. Whimsies' Workshop is a great learning and challenging experience for anyone ages 10-110. Learn to assemble, paint, shingle, electrify, wallpaper, and install lighting, flooring, and trim in a six-room, back-open, beautiful Whimsies' heirloom-quality dollhouse.

  • Location: 39 Lewis St.
    Greenwich, CT
  • Phone:203-629-8024
  • Categories: Kid's Products