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Five Lessons that Five Dollars can teach your child
Whether you’re saving for a family vacation, college tuition, or a new car, pinching pennies can be challenging. But as tricky as saving money is for adults, the concept is far harder for children to grasp. (read the story...)

Going Public Tired of hearing about failing schools? Public school expert and education advocate CLARA HEMPHILL reports on several which are succeeding nicely...
Bad press about public education notwithstanding, the cognoscenti know there are many neighborhoods in which the local schools range from perfectly adequate to truly superior. (read the story...)

It’s Not YOUR Homework-Tips for parents
Homework’s supposed to be fun, teachers explain. Fun for whom, you wonder, as you struggle with your exhausted child past his bedtime. (read the story...)

BRAIN DRAIN! Are Westchester Schools Leaving Behind Their Brightest Students?
In 2001, the federal government passed sweeping legislation that changed the face of education. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) targeted under-performing schools and mandated that they bring students up to a standardized level in the areas of math and reading — or the schools would lose funding. At the heart of the law was the idea that many children’s educational needs are not being met. (read the story...)

The First Day of Kindergarten: Make it one to remember
After a summer of enjoying our leisure, we must set our clocks early and rise before the sun, leaving one another for brave new — and separate — worlds. Once that alarm rings, we jockey for position in line for the shower, throw on freshly pressed clothes, and scramble for breakfast bars and lunchboxes. There’s the rush out the door, quick kisses and waves goodbye as the kids head off to a new year, a new beginning. Yes, the first day of school can be rough — especially on mom. (read the story...)

Color ‘em Kermie!
Kermit sang ‘It’s not easy being green,” but visitors to the new exhibit, Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, at the American Museum of Natural History, can see that frogs have an amazing diversity of color. And size, habitat and parenting style. The frogs exhibit appeals to the little kid in all of us, the one who caught frogs in a pond, played leapfrog, or worshipped Kermit. Then there are adults still searching for a frog to turn into a prince. (read the story...)

Mid-Life College ExpressCity Mom’s Site Offers Guidance to Fellow Boomers
Energy radiated from Annie Segan as she opened her door, exclaiming, "You will never believe what I just got in the mail . . . my Master's diploma!" The vitality and happiness were not only products of well-deserved pride, I was soon to find out, but part of Segan's vibrant nature. (read the story...)

Brooklyn’s star school:A Charter School that Begins — and Ends — with Children
There’s been a good deal of controversy surrounding New York City’s charter schools lately. While supporters maintain that charter schools offer a much-needed choice in educational opportunities not otherwise available in the public school system, opponents feel that due to a lack of accountability, these schools run a higher risk of academic inconsistencies and financial disarray. Charter schools are public, tuition-free schools that operate independently of the local districts under a “charter” from either the state Board of Regents, the State University of New York (SUNY), or the school chancellor. (read the story...)

Brooklyn Schools “Leap” Into Learning
You’re probably familiar with Leapfrog’s interactive products, which use sound effects, games, and visuals to teach skills in phonics, reading, and math. If you’re a parent, chances are there’s at least one in your house right now. Since 1999, the Leapfrog SchoolHouse division has brought the company’s technology to the classroom, too, with a range of programs for preK-8th grade, all designed to meet state and national standards. Among the most popular offerings are “The Literacy Center”, an early literacy program for preK-2nd grade; “Language First!”, an English language development system; and “Ready, Set, Leap!”, a reading readiness curriculum for preschoolers. Over 14,000 classrooms nationwide have implemented Leapfrog SchoolHouse, including more than 30 schools in NYC. (read the story...)

Women in Blue
Come in all units…over. Not just boys want to be police officers any longer…over. Women on Patrol, the new exhibit at The New York City Police Museum, is for kids who are just beginning to form their social consciousness. (read the story...)

Theft in our Schools
In Westchester, we pride ourselves on the high standards of our schools. We send our children off each day confident they are safe and protected. So complaints of theft seem unthinkable ¡V especially when the thieves are our children¡?s peers. Jackets, sneakers, calculators, CDs, and cell phones rank among the items taken most frequently in our high schools. While the occurrence of theft among Westchester students is relatively low, incidents that do occur tend to be underreported. (read the story...)

Talking Shop…with Eva Moskowitz
As a former public school teacher and American history professor — with time spent on the faculties of Vanderbilt, University of Virginia and CUNY, City Councilmember Eva Moskowitz (D-Manhattan, District 4) knows a little something more about the importance of fostering a better school system for New York’s public school children. In fact, as the City Council’s current Chair of the Education Committee, it’s her number one priority. (read the story...)

IS THE WAY WE LEARN “PRE-WIRED”?How Understanding Your Child’s Learning StyleCan Help Improve Achievement
Most parents would wholeheartedly agree: Optimal learning requires quiet concentration. The more distracting the environment, the more distracted the mind. Many learning experts, however, would beg to differ. They say it all depends on how your child’s brain is “pre-wired”, and that some kids do their best work in a relaxed setting, surrounded by movement and sound. (read the story...)

Math Mania!
At the Goudreau Museum, the formula adds up to fun. Founded over 20 years ago by the late Bernard Goudreau, an engineer and mathematics teacher, the museum has served as a haven for both students and teachers with an interest in mathematics. (read the story...)

Back-to-School Time Rough on Parents, Too
We all know that back-to-school time can be stressful on kids — especially after a long, leisurely summer filled with fun, friends and free time. But what about parents? (read the story...)

Bridging the Gap Between Classics and Classroom
As city students began the new school year last month, the curtain went up for another year of Theater for a New Audience — known best by its acronym TFANA — and the educational programs it runs throughout the boroughs, especially those in Queens (former Districts 24, 25 and 30). (read the story...)

A New Quest Begins in Queens
ThinkQuest is getting students thinking. They’re thinking about alcohol abuse, the Civil War, lasers, bridges, penguins, U.S. Presidents, and families; and they’re putting these thoughts into websites for the entire world to see. (read the story...)

THE HOMEWORK LOAD:Is It Time For Reform?
H-O-M-E-W-O-R-K. Most kids today can1t even pronounce the word without rolling their eyes and curling their lips. But that1s no surprise. After all, homework is 'work'; it1s not designed for entertainment purposes. But what is surprising is the reaction of many parents today regarding their children1s homework — specifically the quantity and the difficulty. (read the story...)

How to Gain Control: The NYC private school process
Seeking admission into a private school has become a rite of passage for the families of many New-York area school children. This past year, our family went through the application process. There were many moments when my husband and I felt overwhelmed by the experience. However, gaining control over the following factors helped us preserve our sanity and improved our chances for success. (read the story...)

40 COLLEGE HUNTING TIPS from parents who’ve Been There. Done That
Many families of high school juniors and seniors will be embarking on college visits this fall. For parents just beginning the process of college hunting, it can feel daunting. There are numerous books on the subject, but we’ve compiled 40 tips about the college search gathered from parents who have recently gone through the process with their own children. These are suggestions, not necessarily found in books, that have been gleaned from the actual doing: (read the story...)

Queens Children Are ‘Making Books Sing’ Teaching Artists Bring Drama to the Classroom
Over the past several months, hundreds of Queens schoolchildren have been taken on a literary journey with Lewis and Clark on their legendary expedition across the continent. The adventure comes to life in the theater production of Bird Woman: The Story of Sacagawea, a play by Ric Averill. But for the Queens youngsters, the journey does not end with the discovery of the Northwest Passage. For them, the adventure is just beginning, as they go back to their classrooms to write their own plays and bring other stories to life. (read the story...)

OWL Gives a Hoot (about early childhood literacy)
If it takes a village to raise a child, it may take a community to teach a child to read. In South Jamaica, that’s just what they are trying to do. With the help of Literacy, Inc. (LINC), neighborhood schools, businesses and non-profit organizations are raising awareness about the importance of making reading a part of children’s lives, and are sponsoring events to improve literacy. (read the story...)

Update: A New Grant for the Hi-Tech Classroom
In an effort to enhance online links between parents and teachers, the Docutek e-learning collaboration and communications company has launched a new competitive grant program for public school systems. (read the story...)

The Real Experts in Education
Lately, however, schools seem to be experiencing a proliferation of Real Experts - mysterious individuals who come between the teacher and his anomalous art, who bring a new and perhaps troublesome factor to the traditional learning equation. Real Experts are those professionals inside the school who don't meet classes, give tests, or maintain gradebooks. In the school where I labored for most of a lifetime, Real Experts constitute, with the administrative staff, an astonishing one-fifth of the professionals. (read the story...)

Avoiding the Summer Brain Drain: Keeping Your Child’s Mind Sharp Over Summer Break
Ahhh, the carefree days of summer. As temperatures climb, children begin looking ahead to frolicking in the sun and staying up a little later than normal school nights will allow. But without the regularly scheduled instruction that comes with going to school for 10 months a year, many children lose intellectual ground during summer vacation, especially if their break is nothing but sun, sand and fun. (read the story...)

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