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Spritz Away!
The phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention” certainly holds true for one Rockland County mother. Aggrieved when her second child had skin problems as a baby, Mindy Cohen created a hypoallergenic spray to relieve his symptoms. (read the story...)

An Informed Kid is a Safe Kid
A NYC police officer and new dad outlines some commonsense rules (read the story...)

Meeting a Differently-Abled Child: Tips for kids, and their parents
Beautiful; fun-loving; intelligent; joyous. Wheel-chair bound; low-visioned; endocrine imbalanced; seizure disordered. (read the story...)

Does Your Child Need Medication? Mt. Kisco specialist weighs the risks vs. benefits
My husband likes to tell the story of his old childhood friend whose fourth grade teacher found him a bit too restless in the classroom. (read the story...)

Health & Technology Computer Ergonomics — important for kids, too!
With increased computer (and video game) usage, children who spend many hours in front of the screen are prone to the same postural problems as adults. (read the story...)

Say Goodbye to Birthday Party Tears
Friends’ and schoolmates’ birthday parties can be difficult for shy children. MARTI OLSEN LANEY, Psy.D. offers the following party prep tips from her book, ‘The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child: Helping Your Child Thrive in an Extroverted World’: (read the story...)

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands: Kids, hand-helds, and pornography
Parents need to be aware that with the advent of video iPods, portable game players and Internet-ready cell phones comes the danger of mobile pornography. (read the story...)

Special Needs Kids: When You First Suspect a Problem
Maybe your baby isn’t rolling over. Perhaps your toddler isn’t meeting your eyes or answering simple questions. (read the story...)

Avoiding Whiplash: Have you adjusted your car’s head restraints lately?
Most parents wouldn’t consider moving the family car an inch without the kids safely buckled up. (read the story...)

Family Health: Stand Up for Posture and Spinal Health!
I try to teach my teenager to have good posture, but it doesn’t always work. Why is good posture so important? Are there any health risks associated with bad posture? (read the story...)

Parenting Bookshelf: Choice Parenting by Richard Primason, Ph.D.
Ten-year-old Tim Patton* is having trouble in fifth grade — he’s not doing his homework. His parents are concerned because he also has some learning issues, and the school is recommending that Tim be evaluated, and perhaps begin taking medication. The Pattons* are getting very anxious, but are not sure what to do next. (read the story...)

No More Tantrums? The Benefits of Baby Signing
When Silvana Rotundo tells her 9-month-old son, Sean, it’s time to eat, she brings her fingers to her mouth and taps it repeatedly. When it’s time for a bath, she sticks out both thumbs and motions them across her chest. Sean knows exactly what his mom is saying. A former pre-school teacher turned certified Baby Signs instructor, Rotundo is among a growing number of parents introducing American Sign Language (ASL) to their hearing infants. (read the story...)

The Consumer Experts tackle a growing problem - When kids are anxious and depressed
If ADD was the catchcry of the ‘90s, anxiety and depression are the health concerns that mark our current times. Anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medications, once prescribed sparingly and only for adults, are being given to kids in record numbers, and most adolescents can make a long list of their classmates on Zoloft, Paxil, and the like. Kids go off to college and are home before the end of first semester — “depressed”. (read the story...)

Sleeping the Sleep of Babies - Helping Baby Go to Sleep
As any new parent knows, infants do not sleep like babies. Neither do mothers and fathers. Lack of sleep is one of the hardest adjustments new parents have to make. (read the story...)

Go ahead and breastfeed! The law’s on your side
Just as your plate arrives, you discreetly raise your T-shirt and put your baby to your breast. Your baby is happy, you’re happy. Until the manager approaches you and asks you to take your baby and nurse your child in the restroom. Sound outrageous? You wouldn’t eat your meal in the restroom — why should your child have to eat in the restroom? (read the story...)

‘Maverick Moms’ raising admirable boys
According to the latest census stats, only 23.5 percent of American families are made up of a mom, a dad, and their children. How are boys doing in all this? (read the story...)

Stop Your Crying!Local moms on call, calming the nurseries of New York City
There are courses on natural childbirth, infant massage, behavior modification. Now, Big Apple parents can take classes on how to calm a fussy baby. Fussy Baby Support Services (FBSS), developed with clinical support from The Fussy Baby Clinic at Denver Children's Hospital and inspired by the Fussy Baby Network at Erikson in Chicago, is run by two Brooklyn-based moms, Stacey Cermak and Claire Pemrick. (read the story...)

Eye Doctors Open Their Hearts to restore sight around the world
The philosophy of ORBIS is the well-known one: Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Only with ORBIS, the fishing boat is a DC-10 aircraft known as the Flying Eye Hospital. ORBIS is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to preserving and restoring sight in the developing world,. They accomplish this by strengthening the capacity of local partners in their efforts to prevent and treat blindness. (read the story...)

Pilates: The Kid-Friendly Workout
Knowing how to position the body and move adeptly works to your child's advantage on the soccer field or on the tennis court. These abilities don't just boost your child's game, they also lower the risk of sports injuries. And according to its practitioners, there is no better proactive way to develop children's awareness of body mechanics than through the practice of Pilates. (read the story...)

Asperger’s Syndrome: Jarring Sounds, Confusing Rules
Dr. Barbara Payne of Hyde Park, N.Y., instinctively knew something was not quite right with her infant son, Jacob, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She believes that it was her motherly instincts more than her experience as a pediatrician that made her suspicious. “In retrospect, things are much clearer,” she says, “but back then, I used to think — I just don’t get this kid.” (read the story...)

SPLASHDOWN!Getting in the Swim, Safely
School’s out — or will be soon — and kids are ready to hit the pool. But water safety begins with your child — and his or her swim skills. When should kids learn to swim, and what’s the best approach? We went to the experts for the answers... (read the story...)

Meningitis Vaccine:Now for kids 11 and up
When Nancy Ford Springer’s son Nick went to summer camp in the Berkshires almost six years ago, she had never heard of meningococcal meningitis. (read the story...)

Should Babies Be Tested for Diabetes?
Parents are asked to consent to diabetes screening of their newborns; high-risk infants — those who test positive for the genes and have at least one close relative with Diabetes 1 — benefit by close follow-up. Participants receive blood tests every three months until age 4 and then every six months until age 15. (read the story...)

Ear Piercing Too Early Can Be Risky
It may be tempting to pierce your little girl’s ears in her first few weeks of life. This way, she won’t remember the pain. And just think how cute and pretty your little angel will look in a pair of gold studs. Think again, warns Kenneth Gottesman, M.D., an attending pediatrician at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. (read the story...)

Kids with Personal Trainers:Is this pushing the limit?
There aren’t many 10-year-olds like Ariel Ho. A competitive figure skater, Ariel wakes up at each morning at 5:30am. She has warmed up with a personal trainer by 6:15 and is on the ice at 6:45 — all before heading off to school. (read the story...)

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